What is BALIC?

The full form of BALIC is Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company. Private life insurer Bajaj Allianz POS Life Suraksha launched a life insurance product with a low premium and guaranteed benefits at the point of sale.

To make it easier for customers to access this product, this product is designed for quick delivery when customers do not require medical tests.

Customers can achieve their life goals through the product with the guaranteed benefits of this product, as well as the lifetime guarantee.

“We are pleased to present this affordable, simple but affordable product, we have made the product easy to understand and buy and guarantee guaranteed yields, and this product is ideal for those who wish to have a favorable economic life insurance policy,” he said. Tarun Chugh, Managing Director and CEO of BALIC

BALIC Care Quote

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BALIC Care Quote: Plans

The list of BALIC Care Quote plans:


  1. Cash assure
  2. Care first
  3. Invest assure
  4. Life secure
  5. e-lit assure
  6. Family care first
  7. i secure more
  8. Save assure
  9. Young assure
  10. Guarantee assure
  11. Pension guarantee
  12. iSecure
  13. iSecure loan
  14. Life Long assure
  15. Super life assure
  16. Income assure
  17. e-Touch

BALIC Care Quote


  1. Young assure plus solution


  1. Retire Rich
  2. Future Gain
  3. Fortune Gain
  4. Principle Gain
  5. Future Wealth Gain
  6. Goal assure
  7. Long-life goal

This is list Of BALIC Care quote.

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How To Calculate BALIC Care quote?

Step to calculate BALIC Care quote online:

Step 1: visit https://carequotebi.balic.in/carequote/

Step 2: Click to Proceed

Step 3: Select Plan

Step 5: Fill some details to calculate care quote.

BALIC Care Quote

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