Today we will discus about Top 5 Best Child Plan for Education in India 2020.

A child education plan is a policy adapted to the child’s future needs. It’s a combination of savings and insurance.

Plans for new-generation children also include unit-linked insurance plans (ULIP) that also offer opportunities for wealth creation.

The main purpose of a childcare plan is to provide financial security to the child so that, in the event of his absence or death, his education is not hindered in any way.

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Therefore, it is important to have a plan for children. Below is a list of the top 5 best child plan for education 2019.

Top 5 Best Child Plan for Education In 2020

best child plan for education

1) LIC Jeevan Ankur

LIC Jeevan Ankur is one of the best benefits for children offered by LIC. This is a traditional plan that has carefully designed themes that help in the planning and future of a child’s education.

This plan means that parents are still insured in life and that their children are still appointed.

The plan is a guarantee that children will receive the benefits of a better future, even if the parents do not live until the end of the insurance period. it’s the best child plan for education in 2020.

2) HDFC SL Young Star Super Premium

This is a the best child plan attached to the HDFC unit for children that has the following features: HDFC Child Plan offers two types of life, life and health options coverage options.

Life Options only offer death if the insured dies during the period of validity of the plan, while the Life and Health option provides both the benefit in the event of death and the benefit of a serious illness if the insured dies or is diagnosed a critical illness during the mandate of the plan,

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This HDFC child plan offers two payment options. Under this HDFC child plan, there is a saving and saving and profit advantage and the death benefit is paid based on the preferred payment of the services selected by the insured during the purchase of the plan.

If the insured chooses the savings plan he will benefit from one of the options, after the death of the insured, the sum will be given to the beneficiary will insure the child.

All future rewards are paid 100% by the insurer. it ranks on second on our list top 5 best child plan for education in 2020.

3) Bajaj Allianz Young Assure

Bajaj Allianz Young Assure is a traditional child plan for education. This child plan is designed to take advantage of the company.

In this plan, the full-time premium is paid by the regular premium payment option or by a limited participation under the limited premium option.

Guaranteed supplements are paid in this plan in the form of a percentage of the guaranteed duration, which varies according to the type of payment of the premium of the plan.

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50% of the guaranteed expiry amount will be paid one year after the expiry date and 55% of the guaranteed maturity commission and all the final bonuses will be paid 2 years after the expiry date.

Another option is that the bonus awarded, including the intermediate bonus and guaranteed additions, is granted after the deadline.

Subsequently, 22% of confederate losses are attributable to one year, 25% to two years and 28% to three years. It ranks on third on our list top 5 best child plan for education in 2020.

4) Reliance Child Plan

This plan will help you save money systematically so you can give your child the much needed financial security for the future, and you will have the freedom to enjoy every moment with your child today without worrying about your future.

Reliance Life offers this plan for children to protect your child’s future.

This child plan is an independent child insurance plan that provides certain fixed benefits and 1/4 of the sum insured, paid annually in the form of subsidies during the last three anniversaries of the policy, to safeguard the child’s future. it ranks on fourth on our list top 5 best child plan for education in 2020.

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5) Max Life Shiksha Plus Super

Max Life Shiksha Plus Super It is a ULIP designed to provide market-related benefits to promote wealth creation for the future of the child and the protection of life for insurance purposes.

The child plan can be taken by people who have a child between 0 and 18 years old.

It uses the systematic investment plan, which uses the concept of average rupee cost and initially invests the net premium in the Secure Plus Fund, then transfers part of the prize every month.

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For the Growth Plus Fund within the dynamic fund allocation option, the premium will initially be invested in the Growth Fund and subsequently transferred to the safe fund at maturity to protect against market volatility.

A certain part of the Fund remains in the options of the Fund and changes in the proportion during the plan. it ranks on fifth on our list top 5 best child plan for education in 2020.

This are top 5 best child plan for education in 2020.

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