I Crashed My Car Into a Tree Can I Claim Insurance

I Crashed My Car Into a Tree Can I Claim Insurance

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It’s really a difficult situation to handle but those are the times where we have to be more confident and to be very normal.

Here is the answer,

There are majorly two types of car/ motor Insurance.

The third party and the comprehensive, ( also there is an add-on cover named zero dep/depreciation)

another party. So there is no cover for self-care damage or self-injury. It covered only damaged another injury for the next party. There is no cover for theft/loss. But in your case, if you have the third party/liability cover you will not get the claim.

In the comprehensive car insurance, almost all covers are there.

Like our car and all passengers and other motors and their passengers. But with depreciation counted, means 70% of the insured declared value/ IDV. When full damage or theft has happened.

If you have this type of policy and it should live when the accident happened. You will definitely get the claim very easily.

The claim proc’s is if possible you can take the car to the authorized garage or call on toll-free / call center no for Crain to tow the car.

Please go to an authorized garage that the cashless claim can happen easily. You have to estimate to the insurance company about the claim with policy and car no. Keep your driving license and other documents ready with you.

So I will suggest going with the zero dep policy.

It would be a peace of mind.

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