Go Digit General Insurance Limited is a non-life general insurance company in India. When Go Digit started its name was ‘Oben’. Oben means ‘ahead’ or ‘At the top’ in German. However, the name Oben General Insurance Limited was changed to DIGIT because the company relies on simplicity.

The insurance company Go Digit General offers non-life insurance via its digital platform. Go Digit General Insurance Limited was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Go Digit is backed by Fairfax, a financial holding company based in Toronto, Canada.

Go Digit offers a simplified general insurance solution to all its customers, and their job is the same: to make easier and simplify the entire insurance process, from purchase to claims. Go Digit General Insurance offers different insurance namely, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Bike Insurance, Home Insurance, Mobile Insurance, Travel Insurance.

go digit insurance

Services offered by Go Digit Insurance

Go Digit General Insurance offers a range of insurance to its customers in India from car insurance to Jewellery, home. Discover the different products of Go Digit:

Digit Car insurance

The car insurance policy of Go Digit Insurance Limited is excellent in terms of extended coverage to a higher insured Declared value (IDV). Go Digit offers both comprehensive coverage and third-party coverage for car insurance. In addition, Go Digit’s car insurance includes additional services such as daily transport, advance cash repair, breakdown assistance, etc.

Features of Digit car Insurance:
Some of the salient features of Go Digit General insurance are

  • Super simple claims
    The Digit insurance company offers a self-inspection process that takes a couple of minutes. All you need to do is shoot your vehicle’s damages from your phone and everything’s done.
  • Advance Cash for Repair
    Go Digit Car Insurance offers you upfront money to repair your car in the garage of your choice, anytime, anywhere.
  • Pick-up -> Repairs -> Drop Facility
    The insurer offers to pick up and drop facility for the repair of your car with a guarantee of 6 months.

Digit Two Wheeler Insurance

As a bike insurance cover, Go Digit Insurance is intended to provide a tailor-made plan with comprehensive protection against various disasters such as theft, fire, vandalism, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, etc.

Features of Digit Bike Insurance:
Some of the salient features of Go Digit two wheeler insurance are

  • Paperless Claims
    Quick, easy and paperless claim process via your Smartphone enabled the process of self-inspection.
  • Advance Cash for Repair
    You can get cash to repair your vehicle at a garage you choose, anytime, anywhere.
  • Cashless Settlement
    You can now make a cashless settlement at different Digit network service centers with a 6-months warranty of repair.

Digit Travel insurance

Digit’s travel insurance offers a variety of travel insurances that meet the needs of its customers. They offer international and domestic (national) travel plans. These plans include the cancellation of the journey (trip cancellation), delays in the flight, delays in checked baggage (luggage), accidental emergency treatment, accidental death and disability, loss of luggage, loss of passport, medical emergencies, etc.

Features of Digit Travel Insurance:
Some of the salient features of Go Digit Travel insurance are

  • Zero Deductibles
    The travel insurance of Digit has no deductible. So you do not have to pay a penny to claim. Everything is with the insurer.
  • Smartphone-enabled Claim Process
    The Digit insurance provider has a paperless and hassle-free claim process. You don’t have to run around to make claims. You just have to upload the documents while making a claim.
  • Cover that understands how you travel
    The Digit travel insurance plans, unlike other travel insurance plans, extend their cover and include adventure sports such as scuba diving, sky diving, and bungee jumping.
  • Missed Call Facility
    The company also offers a missed call to help you. You only need to give one missed call to the number 0124-6174721 and you will be called back within 10 minutes. There are no international taxes.

Digit Mobile Insurance

Go Digit Mobile Insurance is tailor-made mobile insurance that covers damage associated with different phones or smartphones, such as Accident damage, screen damage, theft, fluid damage, etc.

Features of Digit Mobile Insurance:
Some of the salient features of Go Digit Mobile insurance are

  • Global Coverage
    Digit mobile insurance provides global coverage to your phone. No matter wherever you are across the globe, your phone is protected via mobile insurance by Go Digit.
  • Screen Damage
    Go Digit Mobile Insurance covers your Smartphone screen against electrical and mechanical breakdown or accidental damage.
  • Easily Accessible by Anyone
    Go Digit protects your phone irrespective of anyone using it.
  • Cash Repairs
    Provides Upfront cash for repairs for your mobile wherever, whenever required.

Digit Home Insurance

Since there is nothing more important than a home, it is very important to insure your residence with the best home insurance. Go-Digit-Home Insurance Policy Online Home Insurance provides comprehensive coverage against financial obligations that result from loss or damage to your home and/or content contents inside due to man-made or natural reasons.

Features of Digit Home Insurance:
Some of the salient features of Go Digit Home insurance are

  • Prices as low as that of the cost of Pizza
    Go Digit Home Insurance prices can be bought at the cost of a Pizza. A Sum Insured of Rs. 2 Lakh starts from Rs. 199.
  • 24×7 Assistance
    The insurance provider offers 24×7 customer assistance. You can contact them at any time. Even if you contact them in the middle of the night, the customer service team will be at your assistance.
  • Jewellery Coverage
    Digit Home Insurance also offers added coverage, i.e. jewelry coverage for your jewelry.
  • Unique Holiday Home Protection
    The insurance provider gives you an option to choose the short-term burglary coverage with a comparatively lower premium if you’re on a vacation.

go digit lnsurance

Key benefits of the Digit General Insurance

You can avail numerous exclusive benefits can be availed if you choose to buy Go Digit insurance online. The plans and policies offered by Go Digit stand apart from the different general insurance providers in India. Digit General Insurance Company primarily focuses on customer satisfaction in all situations. They put its customer first., be it the matter of buying insurance online or filing claims. Here are some of the key benefits of Go Digit General Insurance that you can avail if you buy an insurance plan from Digit.

  • Affordable Premiums
    The cheapest and cheapest insurance premiums are offered by Go Digit General Insurance. Nonetheless, the Digit Insurance Policy offers a broad coverage option at exceptionally low cost. You can enjoy some of his plans for the price of a pizza.
  • Instant Online Quotes
    Get online instance offers for a specific type of insurance plan that you would like to purchase online at Go Digit. All you have to do is visit on the insurer’s official website and then enter the required information.
  • Transparent and Quick Claim Settlement
    The Go Digit General Insurance Company also offers quick, easy and transparent claims handling for their products. They ensure that every customer gets the most out of his claim in the simplest and quickest possible way.
  • Cashless Facility across the Country
    When you talk about car and health insurance policies, you can easily and quickly pay your claims through hospitals or cashless garages at the insurance company.
    Digit Insurance offers cashless claim facility across the country.
  • Conveyance Allowance
    Three days after registering your application, Go Digit General Insurance will provide daily transport and taxi vouchers of Rs. 200 per day. This service is offered for the first time in India by any insurer.
  • Online Purchase and Renewal
    You can buy and renew all insurance policies online. You can easily benefit from offers on all insurance policies and buy online. On the other hand, you can renew your Go Digit insurance online without any problems. All you have to do is pay online for the renewal or safe purchase online.
  • Insurance – Keeping it Simpler
    Digit General Insurance Limited’s primary goal is to simplify the entire insurance process for all Indians. They build all future strategies based on this motto.
    The insurance provider has made insurance simpler for you to understand.
  • 24/7 Assistance
    The Go Digit Insurance Company provides 24/7 customer service to help its valued customers with all the services needed to renew their insurance policy, registration of claim, cancellation of the policy, payment of premiums, etc
  • Breakdown Support
    If your vehicle has a breakdown due to a flat tire, a discharged battery, etc. Go Digit Insurance Company offers instant assistance within the specified period of time to aid you with minor repair, towing facility, fuel assistance, relaying the urgent messages to your relatives, any medical treatment, and even accommodation benefits if required.

How to Buy Go Digit Insurance Online?

Buying insurance policies online is much easier than in the past. Simply log in to the official portal of your preferred insurer in India and choose the type of insurance you would like to buy or renew. The process is similar for go-digit insurance. To buy or renew an insurance plan on Go Digit General Insurance, simply log in to the company’s official portal. Then choose your policy and coverage. Request an online quote and complete the form by entering the required information. Then you pay your premium online by credit card, debit card or online bank. At the end of everything, you will do with the purchase of Go Digit Insurance Online.

Go Digit General Insurance Renewal Online

The Go Digit insurance renewal process is as simple and straightforward as Go Digit’s online shopping policy. To renew your Go Digit insurance, log in to the company’s official portal as usual. Then select your policy, enter the previous policy number and other details for immediate renewal and get a quote. Pay the premium online and you will be done with the renewal of Go Digit insurance online.

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