HDFC Ergo Home Insurance Review And Benefits

A joint venture between India’s leading Housing Finance Institution, HDFC Ltd, and ERGO International AG, the primary insurance entity of Munich Re Group. HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company provides multiple insurance plans like Travel Insurance Plans, Health Insurance Plans, Motor Insurance Plans, Personal Accident Plans, Home Insurance Plans for Individuals and Property, Marine and Liability Insurance for the corporate sector too which are tailor-made and customer friendly and completely transparent. Now, we will have an overview of HDFC Ergo Home insurance plans.

In India, general insurance companies offer a variety of insurance plans for homeowners, tenants, and landlords. Depending on what you are looking to ensure, your home insurance policy can cover the structure of your house or the content inside your house or both.

It’s tough to say which company offers the best policy because all the plans on the table are comparable. The key is to choose a home insurance policy that works best for you. In terms of the premium amount to be paid and the coverage offered, you should assess which option provides the maximum benefits.

Apart from being a smart financial plan, a policy should protect your home which is an appreciating asset. The best policy will be one which offers all of the following –
a) Coverage towards the structure of the home
b) Coverage towards personal belongings/house contents
c) Third party liability protection
d) Additional living expenses in case you shift your base to some other place for reasons like fire, flood, etc.

No other place that can provide the comfort of home. You and your loved ones spend time, rejoice, create memories that last for the lifetime and that place is your home. We put our savings and take loans to buy the perfect home. We spend our entire savings for the construction of the dream house. Getting a home insurance in India is not very expensive. There are several general insurance companies which provide Home insurance

There are two types of home insurance policies in India:

  1. A basic fire protection policy &
  2. A comprehensive policy called the household package policy.

Basic benefits of house insurance are:

  1. Protects house and its contents in case of natural and a few man-made disasters.
  2. Relives the policyholders of worry from mishap consequences.


All the general insurance companies in India sell home insurance. The best by far is HDFC Ergo.

The policy provided by HDFC ergo ensures that the structure of your home is protected along with all the prized possessions inside your home.

Check out the below mentioned unique features of the home insurance policy by Hdfc ergo.

Provides long-term coverage up to 5 years.

It can be purchased easily online with least paperwork.

The policy will cover risk against Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Implosion, Flood, Inundation, Storm, Riot, Strike, Earthquake etc.

If you have advanced security features installed, then you will be eligible to avail discounts up to 25 %

Covers structure as well as household contents.

It also provides you the flexibility to choose between different types of plans.

Why should anyone go for HDFC Ergo Home insurance plans?

There are a couple of reasons as to why one should avail Home Insurance Plans from HDFC Ergo Insurance Company; these can be summarized as follows:

  • Home Insurance Plans covering the risks and related loss from burglary, theft, fire, lightning, explosion, implosion, flood, etc.
  • The plans cover for prized possessions and other valuables too.
  • The plan coverage is up to 5 years.
  • Discount up to 25% and an additional discount for security features.
  • An exclusive cover for homeowners with long-term coverage.
  • This plan provides a full guard to the property and its contents as well.
  • All the plans come with attractive add-ons which help to customize the plan.
  • All plans come with low-cost premium under the plans with rebates.
  • Flexibility to choose between two plans :
    • Part I-Coverage against Fire together with some other Perils i) Building and ii) Contents.
    • Part II- Burglary and Housebreaking.


Various Plans :

Part I – Coverage against Fire together with some other Perils i) Building and ii) Contents.

  • The plan covers loss against burglary, theft, fire, lightning, explosion, implosion, flood, inundation, storm, riots, earthquake, terrorism, larceny, damage by aircraft, strikes and
  • malicious damage, cyclone, tempest, hurricane, typhoon, impact damage, subsidence and landslide, rockslide, bursting and /or teeming of water tanks, equipment and tube, rocket testing procedure, leakage from automatic sprinkler installations, bushfire, volcanic eruption and another spasm, terrorism,( optional).

The sum insured for the house is based on the Reinstatement Value under this plan. This means that the reconstruction value for the structure is determined by the construction cost. However, the cost of land will not be included. The reconstruction cost is based on the following two parameters which are as under:

  • Built Up area of the house -square feet.
  • Cost of Construction in the locality

The Reconstruction Cost will be Built Up Area of the house * Cost of Construction in the locality.

The sum insured for the contents and its valuables is based on the market value. The market value arrives at current cost minus an allowance for depreciation in case of loss/ damage. In case of jewelry, depreciation is not deducted.


Part II – Cover for Burglary for Contents is not allowed on a standalone basis.

Rates for Method A (per mile/1000) only for long-term cover ( Increase in the base Sum Insured by 10% at the end of every year)

Rates for Method B (per mile/1000) only for long-term discount


Eligibility :

The eligibility criteria under the plan are as under:

  • Individuals who are residing in flats or independent houses provided that the external walls are of burnt bricks/stone/concrete blocks and RCC/RBC/tiles/ACC roof can apply for the plans.
  • Owners of Home or tenants. However, they can only apply for contents cover for fire and burglary.
  • Multiyear Plan can be availed by house/flat owners only where coverage for building Part 1(a) is compulsory.

Exclusions :

  • Loss and damage which arises due to war irrespective of declared or not, assault, aggression, communal or civil riots.
  • Loss, damage, and destruction caused directly or indirectly to the property insured by
    • Emission of energy or infectivity by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste. And also from the radioactive noxious volatile.
      • The plan excludes the loss, damage, and destruction caused to the property of the insured due to fumes or by contagion.
      • Loss or damage caused to valued contents like plans, drawings, manuscripts, securities, documents of any kind, stamps, coins, cash/ paper, deeds, ATM and credit cards, bonds, bills of exchange, charge cards, promissory notes or any other books of accounts and explosives.
      • Loss/ damage/ destruction to livestock, motor vehicles and articles of consumable nature.
      • Loss/ damage/ destruction to items like jewelry, curios, antiques, work of art, guns, stamp collection, coins, pictures and medals for an amount above Rs 10000/- until and unless the same has been specifically mentioned in the plan.
      • The plan excludes the loss and damage which is caused by electrical appliances, tools, fixture or fitting which arises out of excess running, more pressure, self-more heat, electrical problem.
      • The plan excludes all expenses above 3 % and 1% of the architects, consulting engineers fees, and surveyors fees.
      • The plan also excludes loss by theft through or post the incident of any of the mentioned insured perils other than the three things which are a riot, strike, and malicious damage.
      • Loss of income or any other important or indirect loss and damage of any kind.
      • Cooperative societies are not eligible to take long-term plans for entire society or building.
      • Under Construction, properties are not covered under this plan.

Claims :

  • One can call at the toll-free number of the company to register a claim at the earliest. The following details are to be furnished:
    • Nature of loss.
    • Location of loss.
    • Amount of loss
    • Policy Number.
  • FIR will be needed for compulsorily for Malicious Damage Riot and Strike Terrorism, Burglary, Theft. But the same is not needed for flood, storm, lightning, subsidence, earthquake, Impact Damage due to Aircraft Losses.
  • A company appointed Surveyor will contact the insured person within 48 hours of time and the claim form is sent to the correspondence address within 7 working days time. Thereafter the claim will be processed at the earliest.


Building a home for myself has been my biggest investment in life and I take all possible measures to protect and maintain it as well as I can. I understand that more or less, everyone feels the same way. Hence, I would advise you to sign up for an HDFC ERGO home insurance plan and live a stress-free life.

My policy protects my house against a wide range of risks like—fire, lightning, impact damage, aircraft damage, explosion, implosion, bursting/overflowing of tanks or pipes, landslides, earthquakes, storm, cyclone, typhoon, tempest, hurricane, tornado, flood, inundation, riots, strike, terrorism damage, missile testing operations, bushfire and earthquake. Moreover, my plan covers all the losses caused due to theft or burglary. This includes loss of jewelry, silver articles, and precious stones too albeit under some limits.

You can also customize your plan with add-on covers for case-specific requirements.

Read the policy document before you invest in anything. HDFC ERGO has a very cooperative customer service support, so you will face no hassles in clearing your queries.


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