Savings and Investment Plans - Online Insurance Buying Tips - HDFC Life

Savings and Investment Plans – Online Insurance Buying Tips – HDFC Life

HDFC Life Savings and Investment Plans – Online Insurance Buying Tips

I want a good life for my family a bigger house a nice car and enough funds for the expenses. That will come up and I’m sure even you have some goals for your family.

So why not plan now and ensure that you do not miss your goals ever the trick here is to save regularly and start early let the power of compounding work to our advantage.

let me explain this to you let us assume for now that your ages thirty years. If you start investing five thousand rupees a month for twenty years you will get over thirty-six lakh rupees. When you’re fifty but if you start ten years later at the age of forty and you invest five thousand rupees a month. You will get a little more than ten lakh rupees. When you’re 50 that’s almost one-third the amount now if you have decided to start saving. Where do you save while there are many options for you an insurance plan?

Can give you some unmatched advantages let us look at this example let us assume that in ten years you will need 10 lakh rupees for your child’s marriage and if you choose to invest regularly through an insurance plan with a cover of 10 lakh rupees. Your child’s marriage costs are secured guaranteed the day you take the plan.

So even if you were to invest a very little amount your family does not have to compromise in any way if something. Were to happen to you but with any other saving or investment plan. Your family would have got only the amount invested by you some insurance plans can also give you the flexibility to manage your investment risks and rewards by allowing you to choose how your money is invested through the life of your policy.

Now if you add the tax benefits on the investment and maturity your investment returns actually get a huge booster. So if you’re looking at a secured sure path to your family’s future. Why not choose a good one with maximum benefits chooses an insurance plan from HDFC in ergo health insurance, health insurance, best health insurance.

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