How much should I invest in mutual funds monthly so that I can make 4 crores in 25 years?

How much should I invest in mutual funds monthly so that I can make 4 crores in 25 years?

How Much Should I Invest In Mutual Funds Monthly?

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Here is my answer & with the calculation & my top performing funds’ suggestions.

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Forgetting 4 cr. in 25 years how much should I invest in S I P

SIP Calculator

Monthly SIP Amount….12700/-

SIP Duration (In Months) 300

Expected Return (%) 15

Final Maturity 4,300000,66/-

there is an option of Mutual funds….S I P

There is no entry & exit load,

There is no lock-in period.

Tax is very low about 10% after 1 lake profit.

The funds are managed by expert fund managers.

Mutual funds are in SEBI’S guideline.

Sip can start with Rs 100/- PM only.

Through sip, you can have an average of the share market, got a habitual saving.

Returns are also great like at least more than 15% 20%.

These are some top funds from my side please check the past performance…

Replace small cap fund

Dsp Black Rock small cap fund

L&t value India fund

L&t emerging business fund

Axis focused 25

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Sanjay nahar · at

Oh dam good ,
It was nicely chosen topic.
By way of sip definitely 4cr can achieve.
The long term is the factor.
It’s going to beat the inflation also.
Our Sensex will cross 100000 in 3/4 years time.
Online mutual fund will help more to ease the investment.
Go for it.

Malhotra c j · at

All things are explained very well and in deep.
Suggestion go for sip are appreciated.
The fund suggests are seems too good
Your web site is also good desigined and well in all aspects.
Good job.

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