LIC Jeevan Anand Maturity Calculator -The new LIC Jeevan Anand Plan is a traditional savings, savings and protection plan. This plan is eligible to receive a bonus.

The term cover under this plan will continue to be paid after the end of the insurance period and the death benefit payment will be made even if the insured dies after the insurance period has expired.

Launch Date 9th October, 2013
Table Number 815
Product Type Endowment
Bonus Yes
UIN 512N279V01

LIC Jeevan Anand Maturity Calculator

How does LIC Jeevan Anand Plan Works?

The policyholder chooses the sum insured and the duration of the plan when the policy is purchased. Depending on the age of the insured person, the sum insured and the term of the chosen policy, the premium is determined. The policyholder is obliged to pay premiums for the duration of the policy.

If the insured person survives until the end of the insurance period and all premiums have been paid, the policyholder will be paid a maturity benefit.

The maturity amount is equal to:

guaranteed amount + the premium amounts received during the term of the policy + any additional premiums added.

At every death of the policyholder (also after the end of the contract), the nominee receives from now on also the sum insured as death benefit.

However, if the insured dies during the term of the policy, the death benefit is paid out to the nominee in the following form: Sum of the sum insured on death + bonus earned up to the date of death + bonus .

The sum insured in the event of death amounts to: 125% of the guaranteed basic sum or ten times the premiums paid annually, but at least 105% of the total premiums paid to death.

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Sample Of LIC Jeevan Anand Maturity Calculator

  • Example – Naveen, 35, buys the new Jeevan Anand plan from LIC.
  • Sum insured = Rs. 5 lakhs
  • Duration of policy = 20 years.

The annual bonus is 30,273 rupees, including all taxes that must be paid for the entire 20 years.

Other assumptions:

Annual declared simple return bonus = Rs. 45 for 1000 sums insured.

This means a bonus of 45 x (5.00 000/1000) = Rs. 22,500 per year. Please note that there is no guarantee that the same rate applies – it can be higher or lower every year.

Final bonus = Rs. 20 for 1000 sums insured. This means a final bonus of 20 x (5.00 000/1000) = Rs. 10,000 if the policy ends.

Scenario 1 – Naveen survives until the end of the semester

In this case, the sum insured of Rs. 5 lakhs would be paid with simple cancellation premiums and a final premium indicated by the company.

He receives:

Sum Guarantee + declared bonuses for 20 years + declared bonus for the final supplement.

This means that he receives the due amount of Rs. 5,000,000 + (Rs. 22,500 x 20) + Rs. 10,000 = Rs. 9,600,000
In addition, as soon as he dies, his candidate will be entitled to the insured sum of rupees even after the expiration of the policy. 5,00,000

Scenario 2 – Naveen dies in the 17th year of the plan

Here Naveen’s candidate would receive the sum insured in the event of death as well as the earned bonus and the final bonus.

The sum insured in the event of death would be 125% of the guaranteed basic sum or 10 times the premiums paid annually, but at least 105% of the total premiums paid to death. then,

  • 125% of the insured basic sum = 125% of the Rs. 5 lakhs = Rs. 625,000
  • 10 times the annual premium = (30, 273 * 10) = Rs. 302, 730
  • 105% of all premiums paid = 105% * (30, 273 * 17) = Rs. 540, 373.

Therefore, the sum insured in the event of death would be the higher of the above options = Rs. 625,000.
His candidate receives: Death grant = Rs. 6,25,000 + Rs. (22,500 x 17) + Rs. 10,000 = Rs. 10,17,500.

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LIC Anand Maturity Calculator Benefits

The LIC Jeevan Anand Bonus Calculator (Plan # 815) will help you calculate maturity’s, retirement benefits, death benefit, surrender value, guaranteed present value, loan value, etc. with the highest bonus paid.

This is the most advantageous policy.

Therefore, before purchasing a Jeevan Anand policy, check the amount of the maturity that corresponds to your desired sum insured.

Calculate maturity’s by insured amount, age etc. with the new maturity calculator by Lic Jeevan Anand. In addition, the value can be calculated at maturity using the calculator lic jevan and maturity.

You can also calculate the return value with the New LIC Calculator Jeevan Anand Returns.

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LIC Anand Maturity Calculator- Plan Parameters

With the new legal calculator LIC new jeevan anand you can calculate the maturity amount and all other benefits.

Some details such as age, name, e-mail ID, mobile number, insurance period or duration of insurance and sum insured must be calculated with the LIC maturity Calculator.

New Jeevan Anand 815 premium. This information must be made in the LIC and maturity license calculator based on certain parameters.

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The terms of use for the LIC new jeevan and the sequential calculator as well as the LIC new jeevan and the calculator are described below.

  • The age must be between 18 and 50 years.
  • The guaranteed minimum amount is 1.00.000.
  • The term of the policy must be between 15 and 35 years.

Payment Method Premiums Annual and biannual, quarterly and monthly payments can be made through ECS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Que1. How is the duration of the PFR calculated?

Ans. In general, the term is 200% of the amounts you pay in 20 years and about 250% in 25 years. … The value at maturity is usually the insured base sum (sum insured) and the cumulative bonus added each year. For reimbursement insurance, survivor benefits are paid out every 4 or 5 years.

Que2. What Is Maturity of the Jeevan Anand Plan 149?

Ans. Taking into account that the premium payment period is the period chosen by the policyholder (between 5 and 57 years). The Maturity Benefit is the sum of the sum insured, the cumulative and the last additional bonus (depending on the amount indicated in the due date).

Que.1 How do you calculate the amount at maturity?

Ans. The formula for the maturity value is (V = P x (1 + r) ^ n). You will see that V, P, r, and n are variables in the formula. V is the value at maturity, P is the original principal amount, and n is the number of capitalization intervals from the date of issue to the maturity date. The variable r represents this periodic interest rate

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