What will medical insurance companies not cover  sports injuries

What will medical insurance companies not cover  sports injuries

What Will Medical Insurance Companies Not Cover Sports Injuries?


When you take to the sports field you may not think about how a sports injury could affect your life. Anyone participating in sport is vulnerable to injuries that could have a negative impact on their financial responsibilities. Would you be able to pay the mortgage if you were unable to work for a period of time as a result of a sports injury? How would you support your family if you were faced with a lengthy layoff? Well, put your mind at ease and enjoy the sport you love with sports injury insurance.

The accidental cover starts from day first in each & every Insurance company in India. But if you have read the insurance forms Or their terms & conditions there is a question about your hobbies & your work profile.

So the sports thing is a dangerous activity like racing a bike, car, horse riding, etc or any hazardous work or any type of self-injury. If this is so, In that case, the claim can be rejected after an investigation by the insurance company.

It’s great for your health and fitness to get involved with exercise and sport, but if you don’t warm up properly or train correctly, injuries can occur. Find out how you can reduce your risk of common musculoskeletal injuries.

Taking part in activities such as football, tennis or cycling are all beneficial forms of exercise, but a quick kick around with a ball on a beach, cycling on a bike path, or playing tennis in the park can result in unexpected musculoskeletal injuries if you’re not careful.

There are many common sporting injuries such as strains, sprains, tendinitis and ligament damage.

What is “sports”? It is only high-risk sports like Paragliding, bungee jumping etc that are generally excluded. And exclusions are to be specifically mentioned in policy conditions. Otherwise, everything is covered. So read policy conditions carefully before signing the cheque. These conditions are generally available on insurer’s site. Else ask an adviser to bring it to you. Never ever sign health insurance cheque without going through the policy conditions. Health Insurance has many more hidden words/interpretations than life insurance. I don’t think any insurer will not cover “sports” injuries as a philosophy or a policy. Maybe specific products exclude or include. Be careful, as I always say, after all, it is your money.

Having written thus far, I must add, you may get your health insurance policy customized also. Almost all risks can be covered, you should be willing to pay the price, that’s all.

  • Jaw injuries. This includes treatment of a dislocated jaw and facial bone fractures. So, if you fall on your jaw while playing soccer, your injury likely would be covered.
  • X-rays and diagnostic tests following an injury.
  • Tooth repair and replacement. Although health insurance won’t repair or replace teeth that have rotted or that have fallen out during chewing, it will take care of teeth broken during a sudden injury. Yet those teeth must have been free of decay and firmly attached to the jaw bone at the time of injury. So if your child’s teeth are healthy and get kicked out during o practice, any necessary repairs and replacements should be covered.

You also may have dental insurance coverage. This type of insurance generally applies to oral health maintenance — cleanings, crowns, and cavity treatment. But if you require extensive dental reconstruction after an injury, your dental insurance (if it requires reconstruction) could come in handy; if the reconstruction is not medically necessary, health insurance probably won’t cover it.

Coverage varies by insurer and by plan type. Be sure to talk with your insurance company before signing the kids up for soccer or joining a pickup basketball league.

This sports injury accident insurance plan:

  • Pays actual charges for necessary medical treatment incurred after an accident causing injury, including outpatient surgery, drugs and medicines, and dental work as well as emergency room and hospital room care
  • Includes an Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit that covers loss of life as a result of an injury within one year of the accident and loss of limb and sight
  • Covers emergency air ambulance expense anywhere in the world
  • Lets you chose the doctor and hospital
  • Pays benefits directly to you


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