The Religare health insurance offers interesting benefits in health insurance contracts that adapt to the needs of clients.

Religare health insurance covers up to 6 family members, suffers an illness after a specific waiting period. It has some of the best health insurance plans in the insurance industry before and after hospitalization.


Characteristics Of Religare Health Insurance

  • Number of members: the plan covers a maximum of 6 family members with a maximum of 2 children and 4 adults.
  • Lifetime renewal: the plans offered can be extended for life so that you do not have to suffer a financial burden or a medical burden due to a medical emergency. In addition, it is well equipped for all situations.
  • Health insurance before and after hospitalization: the plan covers medical expenses 30 days before the hospitalization and 60 days after the hospitalization only for the corresponding medical expenses.
  • Health Checks: Provides free health checkups for insured persons.
  • Pre-existing conditions: After 4 years of waiting period the pre-existing health conditions are considered.

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Religare Health insurance plans

The Religare health insurance offers a large group of Health insurance plans and administrations for your particular needs.

To pick an arrangement that is most helpful for you, look at changed plans, their highlights, advantages and premium and settle on your decision.

The distinctive health insurance plans offered by Religare are

  1. Individual health insurance plans
  2. Health insurance for senior residents
  3. Complete Health insurance plan
  4. Maternity Health Insurance
  5. Group Health Insurance

Features of Religare Care Health Insurance Plan

  • Cashless installation in more than 6,000 hospitals in the Religare network.
  • Automatic renewal of health insurance.
  • In the case of a breach of your Religare health insurance due to claims for damages, we automatically extend the total sum insured of your policy.
  • You can let your family enjoy free annual health check-ups
  • The guidelines of Religare Health Insurance support a comprehensive health treatment of health care.
  • You can put your Religare health policy online without paperwork.


Age limit91 days
Waiting Period30 days (exclusions i.e. emergencies)
For Pre existing Illness
Waiting Period
4 years
Coverage Range3 Lacks6 Crores
Grace Period For Renewal30 days
  • The policy offer the opportunity to renew their lives after their expiration. It is renewed with the Religare health insurance product then available, or it is the next IRDA approved replacement.
  • You can only increase the sum insured at the time of renewal
  • No share will be paid if the age of the oldest member of the family is under 61 at the time of primary insurance. Otherwise, a share of 20% applies..

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Waiting Period For The Conclusion Of a Health Insurance

When you take out Religare health insurance for the first time, there is a waiting period before the insurance coverage for various treatments comes into effect.

It is important to understand these schedules and their impact on reporting and to plan accordingly.

Normally, the waiting time is 30 days for each type of treatment.

An exception to this waiting period is treatment or hospitalization due to an emergency such as an accident
Waiting time for pre-existing illnesses – Most insurers require you to wait 24 to 48 months, depending on the plan you choose. before you take out insurance for your pre-existing illness.

Exclusions under Religare Health Insurance For The First Two Years

  • It is important to make a real statement about your existing conditions and to meet the waiting time. Otherwise your health insurance may be canceled if an existing condition is later determined.Certain procedures such as
  • cataract surgery,
  • joint replacement,
  • hernia surgery and
  • uterine removal are

Religare Health Insurance Claim

There are two ways to claim the Religare Health Insurance Policy:

  1. Cashless Claim Process For Religare Health Insurance
  2. Reimbursement Claim Process For Religare Health Insurance

Cashless Claim Process

In basic terms, for making a case on cashless premise, the treatment should be done uniquely at a system medical clinic of the insurance organization overhauling your strategy.

For profiting the treatment, you would need to initially look for an approval according to the methodology set down and in the recommended structure.

Gather the Religare health insurance guarantee structure accessible at the insurance work area of the clinic and submit it to safety net provider through fax or email. Following are the conceivable outcomes:

  • Approval letter sent by the case supervisory group
  • Inquiry raised by the case supervisory crew
  • Document cost repayment

Reimbursement Claim Process

If their are cases on reimbursement premise, the insurance organization must be educated according to their endorsed techniques.

The policyholder needs to guarantee that archives, for example, guarantee structure, release synopsis, solutions and bills to be submitted for the case on reimbursement are acquired after hospitalization

Important Documents For the reimbursement of health insurance:

  • You must submit a completed and signed application form.
  • Prescription of the doctor recommending admission to the hospital
  • Initial report from the hospital duly signed by the doctor
  • Last hospital bill and receipt of payment
  • If necessary, medical laboratory reports and diagnostic test reports
  • Pharmacy banknotes with doctor’s prescription
  • Any other invoice for treatment-related expenses

Inclusions of Religare Health Insurance Plan

  • Health checks.
  • Hospitalization before / after / at home.
  • Refilling the guaranteed sum.
  • No claim bonus.
  • Alternative and day care.
  • Second opinion / consultation
  • Hospital room rent

Exclusions in the Religare Health Insurance

  • An existing illness within 30 days after the beginning of the policy.
  • Any kind of self-inflicted injury.
  • Suicidal tendencies.
  • Diseases related to alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • Congenital diseases.
  • Infertility / HIV / AIDS.
  • War / nuclear fallout / strikes.
  • Uprising / Rebellion / Revolution.

Religare Health Insurance – FAQ

Que.1 Are there any tax deductions or deductions for health insurance?

Ans.You are entitled to deduct a maximum amount corresponding to the INR. 25,000 if you are under 60 years old and up to 30,000 INR if you are over 60 years old per installment of installment payments under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act (category – tax deductions based on paid health insurance premiums). The insurance premium should be for you, your spouse or your dependents

Que.2 Does the GST apply for premium payments?

Ans.Previously, a service tax of 15% was charged on insurance premiums. Now you have to pay 18% GST on the total amount of your premiums instead of the service tax.

Que.3 What should I do if I lost my original health insurance?

Ans. While it is very important to keep your police records in a safe place, do not panic if you have lost your original Medicare documents.
1.You can get a copy of your insurance policy in paper form.
2.You must inform the insurer at the earliest about the loss of the document.
3.Submit a completed application for a duplicate at the earliest.
If you manage your insurance online, you can simply enter and download your insurance number. Alternatively, you can ask us to send you a copy of your health insurance by e-mail.

Que.4 What is additional payment? What are franchises?

Ans. Co-payment or co-payment is a cost insurance obligation under a health insurance, at which the policyholder / insured must pay a certain percentage of the amount of the permissible claim. It is usually between 0 and 30%.
The deductible is a cost-sharing obligation under health insurance, which states that the insurer is not liable for a particular part of the policy.
Quota and deductible do not reduce the sum insured.

Que.5 Who is a health TPA?

Ans. TPA or Third Party Administrator (TPA) is an independent third-party agency licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) to process insurance claims. The procedure deals with applications for authorization from hospitals and individuals, which as an outsourcing agency of the insurance company can also provide cashless facilities.

Que.6 Is the cashless facility available in all hospitals?

Ans.The cashless service is only available in network hospitals whose list is managed by the insurance company. It is important to check if large hospitals in your area contact your insurance company to provide cashless services.

Que.7 How do I buy health insurance for a diabetic?

Ans.The best way to take out health insurance for a diabetic patient is to declare it and meet the deadline set in the plan. You can also buy a plan with a shorter wait for diabetes treatments. The employer’s collective health insurance covers even diabetics without waiting.

Que.8 Is the Ayurvedic treatment health insurance?

Ans. We give you the opportunity to choose not allopathic treatments such as homeopathy, Unani and Ayurveda. These treatments are covered to a specified limit and vary from plan to plan. You can download the application form online, fill it out properly, and request a refund within the limits set out in your policy.

Que.9 Can a person have several health policies?

Ans. Yes, a person can certainly have more than one health policy. In fact, it is recommended that you take out a second health insurance, even if your employer has taken out health insurance under a group insurance policy. You can also use two different policies to pay for a single request, using the second policy as a supplemental plan. However, you can not use the second policy to pay the deductible of the first policy, if any.

Que.10 What is the maximum number of claims per year?

Ans.The number of claims per year is unlimited. You may submit any number of claims per year, provided that the claimed total amount is less than the sum insured of your policy.

Que.11 Does the GST apply for premium payments?

Ans Previously, a service tax of 15% was charged on insurance premiums. Now you have to pay 18% GST on the total amount of your premiums instead of the service tax.

Que.12 Who owns the Religare Health Insurance?

Ans Religare Enterprises Limited (REL), sponsored by Malvinder and Shivinder Singh, has entered into a definitive agreement with a group of investors led by True North, formerly India Value Fund, to dispose of its entire investment. 80% in the religious society)

Que.13 Does the Religious Health Insurance cover the pregnancy?

Ans.This maternity insurance is linked to a lifelong extension. … The waiting period for the Religare Joy Policy is 30 days for each illness except accident, 24 months for the joy of motherhood tomorrow, 9 months for the joy of motherhood today, 2 years for a specific treatment or illness, 4 years for existing ones diseases.

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