The Benefits of Renew Bike Insurance Online:

Having a bike insurance plan is an excellent way to cover the costs you could incur in the event of damage to your bike, which they would otherwise have paid for themselves.

Renew your bike insurance online and enjoy the following benefits:

  • No Bike inspection is required to renew the policy.
  • It does not require paperwork.
  • Never lose your insurance policy, there will always be an electronic copy of the insurance policy in your mailbox.
  • Get full support when making requests.
  • Easily access the nearest garage knowing the list of your insurance company’s cashless ATM network immediately
Renew Bike Insurance Online

How To Renew Online Bike Insurance?


Verification of the Insure declared value (IDV) offered by the insured: the quotes of different insurers will be shown while entering the information on there bike. Before renewing, be sure to compare the reported value of the insurance offered by different insurers.

Evaluate your coverage: renewal also allows you to evaluate the coverage that was offered to you with other packages on the market. Browse and choose the one that best suits your needs!

Know your add-ons: select the complements that best fit your needs and include them in your policy. They may seem like an additional expense, but the benefits of the policy improve.

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Check all the information (Terms & Condition): Before paying the premium, it is advisable to ensure that all vehicle and vehicle owner details have been entered correctly.

How To Renew Expired Bike Insurance Policy?

Forget the renewal date is simply human! With so much in mind, it’s easy to miss the renewal date.

Don’t worry. Or rather. With the support of a policy planner, you can simply renew the expired bike insurance policy.

This is what you get when you renew a bike insurance policy that expired with Policy Planner:

  • Without Inspection: without inspection or documentation, Policy Planner helps you renew your bike insurance expired policy.
  • No additional or hidden costs: No additional or hidden costs. Renewing a normal bike insurance policy costs the same price.
  • Instant: you will receive the policy in a few minutes. Immediately.
  • The best part: as indicated, there is no documentation, it is not necessary to provide the details of the previous policy if the policy has expired for more than 90 days

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Step To Renew Your Bike Insurance Policy With in 2 Min:

Policy planner help you to renew your bike insurance instant:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: fill your bike details like bike age, model number, previous policy etc.

Step 3: Check Premium, IDV, Add-on Covers etc.

Step 4: Renew your bike insurance policy instant.


Can we renew bike insurance online?

Ans: Yes you can, Expired policies on PolicyPlanner can be renewed online without problems and within minutes. The benefits you receive when you renew a bike insurance policy that has expired via policy planner are: Renew your bike insurance without inspection or documentation. Do not pay additional costs.

How do I renew my expired bike insurance?

Ans: If you do not renew your bike insurance before the expiry date, it is considered a theft. If your policy has expired, here are some consequences: if you choose to renew your two-wheeled insurance that has expired online, the inspection of your vehicle is not mandatory. policy planner help you to renew your expired bike insurance.

Why should I renew the bike insurance?

Ans: Without a valid insurance policy, a fine of 2,000 rupees and / or a prison sentence of 3 months would be applied. Furthermore, without a valid policy, any unfortunate accident that could cause damage to the bicycle would be your responsibility.

When can I renew my bike insurance?

Ans: NCB(No Claim Bonus) – You can use your bonus without any damage claims if you renew your insurance policy, provided that you renew your bike insurance within 90 days of its expiration.

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