Royal Sundaram Car Insurance of Royal Sundaram, a leading insurance brand in India and the leading private sector general insurance company that offers customized insurance solutions to meet the diverse needs of individuals, families, and businesses.

The promoters of Royal Sundaram Insurance, the largest non-bank financial company in India and Royal Sundaram Insurance General Limited Co., the second-largest insurance company in the United Kingdom, follow the practice of innovative products, high-quality Process service, and claims.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

In fact, Royal Sundaram was the first insurance company to introduce concepts such as cashless claims processes and value-added partnerships with leading institutions to conduct in-depth market research.

Royal Sundaram car insurance programs offer some of the unique features and benefits that meet car coverage requirements, one of the most important assets in a person’s life.

Royal Sundaram car insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act. as ordered by law. Every car owner must have a car insurance policy that covers personal injury, death or damage to third-party property.

And therefore, with a Royal Sundaram car insurance plan, one can cover the following:

  • Coverage against theft, accidents, natural calamities for examples floods, earthquakes, fire, etc.
  • Personal Accident Plan for Self and Family members.
  • Damage to third party’s car or property.
  • Paid driver, employees or any unnamed passenger.
  • Injury/ Death of any other person caused by oneself.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policy Highlights

FeaturesSpecifications (Coverage and Benefits)
Third-Party CoverUpto 7.5 Lakh
Cashless Network Garages 3300 +
Incurred Claim Ratio 84.99%
Net Earned Premium Rs.1,619.78 crore
Covers Provided Basic Cover, Road Side Assistance
No Claim BonusYes
Personal Accident InsuranceYes

Reasons To Choose Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

In India, according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is mandatory that all vehicles travelling on the road are insured. This rule also applies to your car. Basically, car insurance is divided into two categories, namely third-party car insurance and complete car insurance. However, you will be surprised to learn [if you don’t know it yet] that only civil liability insurance is mandatory under the law. Buying a complete auto insurance policy is a matter of choice.

some of the important reasons to insure your car with Royal Sundaram Car Insurance:

  • It covers all damages/losses caused to third parties.
  • Offers 100% invoice price insurance coverage.
  • Offers a free roadside assistance kit.
  • Provides full coverage for your own car.
  • Protects your car against theft, natural disasters, etc.
  • It provides total peace of mind with stress-free travel.
  • Offer 24 * 7 claim assistance.
  • Offers fast and uncomplicated claims resolution services.
  • It has a network of more than 3,300 garages without cash across the country.

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Key Benefits

  • Customer service: This company has an excellent customer service team that offers quality and uncomplicated pre-sale and after-sales services.
  • Towing facility: if the impossibility of spot repairs, Royal Sundaram Car Insurance provides towing services to all major Indian manufacturers.
  • Discounts: Offer a good 35% discount on the clean damage premium subject to a maximum of Rs.2,000 if you opt for a voluntary deductible of Rs 15,000.
  • Accidental coverage: In the event of an accident, Royal Sundaram Car Insurance will provide you with a dedicated personal relations manager to assist you and handle your claim solution.
  • Claims settlement: This company has a clean criminal record for claims settlement
  • Add-ons: this company offers essential accessories for your car at affordable costs. These additions improve your basic auto insurance. Amortization coverage, third party coverage, personal accident coverage, etc. to name a few
  • Cashless claim: This company has more than 3,300 network garages with Cashless claim.
  • Car Shield: provides personal accident coverage for your paid driver, yourself and if there are other occupants in the car when your car finds an accident.

Royal Sundaram Private Car Insurance Coverage

You can customize the Royal Sundaram private car insurance policy according to the needs of your car. It is important to understand the coverage before opting for a car insurance policy. Don’t forget to insure your car. It is not recommended to be insufficiently covered.

Third-Party Liability insurance

  • This policy covers the responsibility of third parties in the event of an accident. The liability coverage covers accidental death, bodily injury and/or damage to vehicles and property
  • This plan also includes personal accident coverage for the owner-driver
  • Unlimited coverage is available in case of death or injury of a third party, while material damage is covered up to 7.5 Lakh.

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Own damage

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for you and your precious property. They offer the blankets below:

  • Natural disasters such as floods, floods, typhoons, cyclones, hurricanes, storms, and hailstorms.
  • Landslides and landslides.
  • Earthquake (shock and fire).
  • Fire, self-ignition, lightning or explosion.
  • Terrorist and malicious activities.
  • Strikes and Riots.
  • Car theft and Housebreaking.

Personal Accident Coverage

  • Royal Sundaram Car Insurance will pay the sum insured of Rs.2 lakh to the owner-driver of the insured vehicle in case of permanent total disability or the beneficiary in case of accidental death.
  • An accident can leave you impaired to earn your as well as your family’s earning. In addition, rising drug costs can destroy all your savings earned with so much effort. In such traumatic and unexpected situations, the purchase of personal accident insurance would be a substitute for income.

Add-on Features

Royal Sundaram offers Car Shield, which comes with 9 unique add-on covers that offer an extra touch of protection at a minimal cost. In addition to the coverages incorporated above, the Royal Sundaram auto insurance policy also offers optional passengers that can be selected by paying an additional premium. These brokers improve your basic auto insurance policy.

Depreciation Waiver Cover: This additional coverage provides a depreciation allowance on metal and plastic parts in case of loss/partial claim. This coverage ensures you the total amount of the application without deducting the depreciation of the replaced parts.


  • All plastic parts without depreciation.
  • All metal parts without depreciation.
  • The entire amount of all the parts of the car that requires replacement are compensated in full


  • The amount of total deductible mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • Any damage caused due to mechanical breakdown and any uninsured peril
  • Any damage caused to items that are uninsured as per the policy wordings like accessories and bi-fuel/gas kit
  • Any claim raised for theft of parts and/or accessories.
  • Any claim made under Self Authorization Mode.

Windshield Glass Cover: In case of accidental breakage of the front or rear windshield glass and if a repair or replacement is required, you can use the cover named “windshield glass cover” without affecting your No Claim bonus.


  • This add-on is applicable only when the windshield glass breaks. It doesn’t come in to account if the car is damaged.
  • In case you get the repairs done in a garage/workstation of our choice within the city where you reside and the address mentioned in the insurance policy, your no claim bonus would not be affected. However, if you get the repairs or replacement done from any other place, the incident will be treated as a separate claim and your No Claim Bonus will be affected.
  • This add-on would be applicable only for the first claim for the replacement of windshield glass, during the year. Any other claim for the Windshield glass will not qualify for continuation of No Claims Bonus.


  • The amount of total deductible mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • Any damage caused due to an uninsured peril.
  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Doesn’t cover depreciation on parts unless the depreciation waiver clause is opted.
  • Doesn’t cover mid-term inclusion or removal of the add-on car. You need to buy this add-on at the inception of the package policy.
  • This add-on cover is available only for new cars and cars that are 3 years old. Also, it covers cars that are currently being manufactured and are not outdated.

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Full Invoice Price Insurance Cover: This add-on comes to the rescue to get a full refund if in case of theft or total damage happened and it affects on the invoice amount of the car. Generally, for a new vehicle for the first time, insurance coverage is offered at 95% of the list price. However, if you opt for full insurance coverage of the invoice price, you would be eligible for 100% of the list price for insurance coverage.


  • The amount of total deductibles as mentioned in the base Package Policy
  • This cover is available only for new cars and for cars that are up to 3 years old and are currently being manufactured and are not obsolete.

Voluntary Deductible Cover: If you make a claim and voluntarily agree to pay the stipulated claim amount, Royal Sundaram Car Insurance will only pay the claim amount for damages that exceed this voluntary deductible limit. Here we show you how you can save a good amount on your car insurance premium. You will then be eligible for a discount on your premium that ranges between 15% and 35% on the premium for own damages. You can opt for a voluntary deductible that ranges between 1,500 and 15,000 rupees. By opting for voluntary deductible coverage, you can also save the value of your car.

Loss of baggage cover: This add-on helps you refund the loss of baggage in the car without affecting the no claim bonus.


  • Offers coverage to the bag that has been damaged or destructed in an accident of during theft of the insured car
  • Offers coverage for the content that is personal in nature in the baggage in the insured car. The items such as shoes, belt, clothes, toiletries, etc. are covered in a secured bag
  • Offers coverage if the insured car is being driven only in India during the loss


  • The amount of total deductible mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • Electronic devices or items like cellphones etc.
  • Money, credit or debit cards, documents, securities, stamps, tickets, vouchers
  • Jewellery, including but not limited to watches, diamonds, precious or semi-precious stones
  • Any goods or samples carried in connection with any trade or business.
  • Baggage whilst being conveyed under a contract of affreightment or a contract of carriage.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Cracking, scratching or breakage of fragile articles
  • The baggage of a consumable nature.
  • Faulty material, faulty workmanship or latent defect.
  • Wear and tear, loss of use or value.
  • Leakage, spilling or exuding of liquids oils or material of like nature or articles of dangerous or damaging nature.
  • Any goods or samples carried in connection with any trade or business.
  • Baggage whilst being conveyed under a contract of affreightment or a contract of carriage.
  • This cover is available only for new vehicles and vehicles up to 3 years old that are currently being manufactured and are not obsolete.
  • Articles or clothes whilst being worn on the person or being carried on the person.
  • Damages due to insects or vermin, moths, rodents, molds and mildew.
  • Articles that were earlier not a part of the baggage when the journey began and those that were not declared
  • Doesn’t offer coverage for loss, destruction or damage to the baggage discovered more than 30 days after its occurrence.

Spare Car Clause: In the event of a breakdown of your car, this add-on provides you with a daily cash benefit when your car is under repair. If your car is being repaired by a valid claim, Royal Sundaram will provide you with a daily allowance to contract another shipment and if the repair takes more than one day.


  • Offers daily cash allowance only once during the package policy year for making alternative arrangements of transport.
  • Doesn’t offer coverage for any other benefit under this cover.


  • If the claim is invalid you won’t be eligible for the daily cash allowance for hiring another transport.
  • Offers coverage only for new vehicles and vehicles that are up to 3 years old that are not outdated or are still being manufactured.

Engine Protection: If you live in one of these areas exposed to heavy rains, this blanket is essential for you. It protects you against the cost of repairing your car’s engine in case it is damaged by immersion in water.


  • Offers coverage for any car up to 3 years of age
  • Offers coverage only for cars plying on the Indian roads
  • Offers coverage for cars registered only in India
  • Offers coverage for private cars only
  • Offers coverage from the beginning of the policy
  • Offers coverage only post-inspection of the older cars
  • Offers coverage on renewals too
  • Offers coverage to the engine, gearbox, transmission, power steering pump caused due to leakage of oil/coolant or due to water ingression while driving


  • Doesn’t offer coverage to any other parts apart from those mentioned above
  • Any loss or damage due to depreciation, wear and tear and ageing
  • Doesn’t cover any losses falling under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • In case you get delayed in intimating about the incident due to waterlogging or corrosion etc.

NCB Protector: Its careful driving allows you to earn from 20% to 50% No Claim Bonus on your own-damage premium for every successful claim free year. However, once you claim, the discounts will be restored. This supplement helps you keep your discounts, even if you tend to make minor claims according to the terms of the policy.


  • Your NCB doesn’t get impacted for the first 2 claims preferred during the duration of the policy
  • Offers coverage to both individuals as well as corporates
  • Offers protection to your NCB in case of a claim made in an event of an Own damage claim for any partial loss for windshield glass, theft, total loss, etc.


  • The NCB drops to zero in case two own damage claims are registered
  • The NCB in the present policy should be 20%
  • Offers NCB protection only if the policy is renewed within 90 days of the expiry of the policy
  • Doesn’t allow mid-term inclusion or removal of the cover
  • Doesn’t allow coverage in case the car is not repaired under any network garages
  • Mandates compulsory inspection for old cars and only then offers the NCB protection
  • Doesn’t cover self-authorization claims

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Key Protector Cover: If the keys of your insured car are lost/misplaced or stolen, the costs will be charged to this add-on, including labour costs.


  • Offers coverage for expenses incurred to the stolen key, lock and lockset in case of theft
  • Offers free transportation to nearest network garages in case of loss or theft of your car key


  • Offers coverage for 2 replacements during the policy period
  • Mandates FIR in case of burglary or theft
  • Mandates to deposit the duplicate keys in case of lost or stolen cases of the keys

Exclusions – Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Applications under the following exclusions will not be allowed:

  • Normal wear and electrical or mechanical breakdowns.
  • Tire damage.
  • Driver without a valid driver’s license.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of intoxicants such as alcohol or drugs.
  • When the vehicle is used for illegal purposes.
  • Use outside geographic limits.
  • The vehicle is used for rent or reward, cargo transportation, organized races, regularizations, speed tests, and reliability tests.
  • Nuclear Wars and perils.

Claim Process – Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

One needs to contact at the helpline number or write to

The process involves very simple few steps:

  • The claim must be reported to the Royal Sundaram insurance company immediately after the incident.
  • No repairs should be made before the survey of the vehicle.
  • A survey will be organized upon receipt of the loss notice, then a detailed calculation of the repairs of the authorized technician will be obtained.
  • The original certificate of registration and driving license must be presented.
  • The duly signed and completed claim form must be sent to the repairman/surveyor. And for vehicles belonging to the company, the company seal with the signature of the authorized person must be obtained on the claim form.
  • In case of injury, death or property damage to a third party, an FIR must be classified.
  • The installation will be organized without money.
  • If applicable, the vehicle must be produced for a new inspection once the repair work is completed, in accordance with the driver’s instructions.
  • For non-monetary claims, the original invoice or an invoice with receipt is required to process the claim.

Important information to submit while intimating a claim

  1. Policy Number
  2. Driver Name
  3. Vehicle number and Model
  4. Contact Number 
  5. Name of the Insured person
  6. Date & Time of the incident
  7. Location of loss
  8. Nature of accident
  9. Contact and place Details of the insured person

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Review

Royal Sundaram car insurance plans are offered at reasonable and optimized prices. In addition, premiums are viable, affordable and justified. This company provides 24*7 customer service and an excellent claims process service. Its excellent inspection team offers you high standards of service. That is why Royal Sundaram Car Insurance is one of the best private insurers in India.


Q. What are the coverage options offered by the Royal Sundaram’s Shield car insurance policy?

Answer: The Car Shield policy covers a wide range of options that primarily provide the customer with insurance coverage for accidents and related damages.
1. Personal injury, death, and damage can be claimed by the first or third party.
2. The policyholder is covered for damage to the car and its parts, as well as optional accident coverage for passengers up to Rs 2,000.
3. Third-party coverage is 7.5 lakhs.
4. The Royal Sundaram car insurance policy also includes options such as the depreciation allowance for spare parts, unclaimed bonus, payment of the total price charged by the car in case of theft or damage and the possibility of insuring a private car up to 100% of the indicated price.

Q. What is a no claim bonus? How does Royal Sundaram Car Insurance provide this benefit?

Answer: Royal Sundaram offers No Claim Bonus (NCB) to customers who refrain from making insurance claims during the policy year. With the Car Shield insurance policy, customers can transfer their NCB up to 50% from a previous insurer to Royal Sundaram.

Q. Why is Royal Sundaram car insurance required for a private car? How does a customer benefit best from the Car Shield car insurance scheme?

Answer: It is important for customers owning a private car to avail a comprehensive car insurance policy which provides them protection against damage, theft, natural and manmade calamities, property damage, etc. The Car Shield insurance policy from Royal Sundaram car insurance provides complete protection for the policyholder and his/her family with a wide range of benefits ranging from 24*7 cashless claim facility, break-in insurance, free vehicle inspection, roadside assistance and fast approvals for completing repairs.

Q.What is the deduction made for depreciation of parts?

Answer: Royal Sundaram Car Shield charges an amount equal to the depreciation value of the metal, rubber, plastic and nylon parts of a car. Royal Sundaram does not charge any depreciation during the first six months. After that, there is a 5% increase every six months, in applications submitted up to a period of ten years.

Q. Can the Royal Sundaram Car Shield Policy be cancelled at any time during the period of validity of the policy?

Answer: Yes, the customer can cancel the Car Shield policy at any time by notifying the insurer seven days in advance. Royal Sundaram will repay any pending premium of a customer with a retention premium charge of Rs.100.

Q. Are LPG/CNG kits covered by the Car Shield Scheme? What additional discounts can be used in this plan?

Answer: Yes, Royal Sundaram car insurance covers LPG / CNG kits for private cars. Customers who purchase Royal Sundaram car insurance can receive additional benefits, such as flexible voluntary deductibles, discounts on old cars and discounts for members of the Automobile Association.

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