The Gujarat Government Transportation Department is governed by the 1988 Indian Motor Vehicle Act. RTO In Gujarat is an indispensable part of the Gujarat Transportation Department, which aims to provide the masses with efficient transportation by performing some important tasks such as vehicle pollution control, registration various vehicles in Gujarat, the issuing of licenses and licenses, the levying of road taxes, etc.

Functions of Gujarat RTO

Enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, allied acts and rules of Gujarat RTO are framed thereunder


  • Carry out tests and issue learning licenses for vehicles
  • Renewal of the driver’s license and also issue a new license
  • Exhibition of international driving license
  • Add a new vehicle class to the driver’s license
  • Approval and renewal of driver’s license for the driving school
  • Exhibition and renewal of a professional driving license
  • Issue of the driver’s license

 Registration of Vehicle

  • Registration certificate for the issue and renewal of motor vehicles
  • Transfer of ownership in the vehicle registration
  • Entry / exit of hire purchase / lease / mortgage in R.C. book
  • Update the registration certificate
  • Issue temporary registration certificate
  • Issue of the (NOC) No Objection Certificate
  • Exhibition and renewal of the trade certificate
  • Issue of the aptitude certificate of the vehicle
  • permits

Revenue Collection for the Government

  • Motor vehicle tax
  • Collection of IMV fee
  • DA (departmental action) Cases
  • Inspection of the vehicle at the checkposts

Environmental Upgradation

  • CNG / LPG conversion
  • PUC testing centers
  • Road safety measures

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Contact Details of Gujarat RTO

Transport Department

  • Contact Person: PRO (Public Relation Officer)
  • Address: Commissioner of Transport office, Block-6, Second floor, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar – 382010.
  • Office Telephone No : 079 – 23251367
  • Fax No : 079 – 23251362
  • Email ID :

RTO Offices In Gujarat

There are 36 offices including RTO and ARTO in the different locations of the state. The Gujarat RTO number list includes:

AhmedabadGJ10Gandhi NagarGJ18
JamnagarGJ10Ahmedabad EastGJ27
ValsadGJ15Chota UdepurGJ34

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How to Register Vehicle at Gujarat RTO ?

Documents required to register a motor vehicle with RTO Gujarat

  • Form 20, application form for vehicle registration in Gujarat
  • Sales certificate in form 21
  • Form 22 i.e Roadworthiness certificate
  • Age and address proof
  • passport size photos
  • Vehicle insurance policy
  • If the vehicle is imported, an invoice must be presented
  • form 22 (A) should be provided If the vehicle is not a built vehicle,
  • If necessary, hypothesis form 34 for loans

Registration procedure for vehicles at the Gujarat RTO

A motor vehicle can be registered in any RTO near Gujarat. The vehicle registration application can be submitted online or offline to the RTO. Form 20 can be sent online along with the scanned copies of the requested document via RTO Ahmedabad – “”.

The vehicle inspection certificate must be presented at the time of application. The vehicle can be inspected by an authorized dealer in the state or at the RTO. The applicant must also pay the applicable registration fee.

After checking the documents, the applicant will be assigned a registration number. An e-mail or a text message will be sent to the owner of the vehicle, informing him of the registration number. The vehicle registration certificate, e.g. The RC will be sent by e-mail to the owner of the vehicle.

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Vehicle Registration Fee for a fancy number

A person can opt for a failed registration number for their vehicle by paying a registration fee of Rs. 1000 for a two-wheeler and Rs. 5000 for four wheels. A fancy number can be obtained through a public auction, which is performed whenever a new set of numbers is opened on the RTO.

Procedure for registering a vehicle from another state in Gujarat

An application for registration of the vehicle with Gujarat RTO must be submitted in the FT form and in form n. 27 with frame print. At the time of application, the original RC booklet, the vehicle insurance certificate and the PUC slip must be presented.

Opposition certificates must not be submitted by the original licensing authority and must be of age and address. Forms 29 and 30 or 33 must be completed and sent to change ownership and address. If the vehicle is brought permanently to Gujarat, this is in the form F.T. must be done within 7 days. The vehicle must be brought to the RTO of Gujarat for inspection.

How To Avail Permanent RC

It is required by law to bring a copy of RC with you while driving. The enrollment certificate or RC is a document stating that a particular vehicle is registered in the relevant RTO of the area. Nowadays, this document can be used as a smart card, The card contains the following items listed below:

  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Date of Registration
  • Vehicle engine number
  • Chassis number of the vehicle
  • vehicle color
  • type of vehicle
  • seating capacity
  • model number

Process Of Getting Permanent RC copy

The procedure for using a permanent RC book includes the following steps:

  • The vehicle owner must complete and submit the appropriate application form (Form 20) to the registry office.
  • If the owner has a temporary registration number, the permanent number must be obtained before the temporary number expires.
  • If permanent registration requires assumptions, the vehicle owner must provide relevant details
  • The next step is to select the permanent registration number for the vehicle
  • The next step is deciding on the use of HSRP / Smartcard
  • The owner must also pay the registration fee according to rule n. 81 Motor Vehicles Act, 1989. The fee charged by the authority depends on the type of permanent RC number selected by the owner.

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The documents to be submitted are:

  • Form 20 as an application form to obtain a permanent registration number
  • A sales receipt with all the details of the sale of the vehicle. This can be done via Form 21.
  • The roadworthiness certificate of the vehicle showing that the vehicle is suitable for road use. This can be represented by form 22. In the event that the vehicle body is manufactured, the owner must submit Form 22 A.
  • Proof of the address of the vehicle owner
  • In the case of a trailer or semitrailer, the owner must provide a copy of the design approved by the STA
  • If the vehicle was previously used in the army, the sales certificate must be presented to the Gujarat RTO.


When buying a new vehicle in the state of Gujarat, the owner may use a temporary RC book from the dealer until he receives the permanent RC number. The temporary registration number will be awarded for a maximum of one month. The vehicle owner must register his vehicle with RTO Gujarat within this period.

To Change The Address In The RC Book

There may be a number of reasons why you need to update or change a new address in your RC Book. He may have moved to a new location and continues to use the remote with the old address. In this context, a new address must be updated in an RC Book. To update a new address, you must provide the following document:

  • Form 33 with frame pressure
  • NOC of the lender when the vehicle was purchased on loan
  • Original RC book
  • Copy of vehicle insurance
  • PUC certificate
  • proof of address
  • Change of address fee Rs. 20

How To Get Vehicle Insurance In Gujarat

There is no shortage of vehicles in the country. Given the strong growth of the automotive industry, manufacturers manage to remain at the top of the list. While the older generation had to stick to a handful of models, the thousands of available options have made it confusing for the current generation.

“Insurance” is a well-known term, although not everyone has the need to insure their vehicle with an insurance policy. Car insurance is a saver in the event of unforeseen road-related events or unforeseen emergencies that can lead to someone being financially bankrupt. Buying a bike or car insurance is a necessary burden that nobody can avoid as it is compulsory in India. And it’s no exception for vehicles driving the streets of Gujarat.

Gujarat has become a commercial and industrial center. The result of liberalization has strengthened the state economy with productive inputs from other sectors such as trade, IT and construction. People earn more and prefer a luxurious life. This feeds the number of luxury cars and bicycles in the city and thus the number of traffic accidents.

In this context, motor insurance is a bid that covers the insured by an offer

Things To Consider While Buying Vehicle Insurance In Gujarat

According to the Gujarat Ministry of Transport, 19,081 traffic accidents in Gujarat in 2018 have claimed 7,289 victims. The alarming rate of traffic accidents has made the conclusion of a bicycle or car insurance a must. However, before an insurance plan is approved, the insurance applicant must consider some aspects to make the shopping experience constructive:

Do your research
The list of main insurers in Gujarat is the main task. In this way, the insurance applicant can know the various plans and services offered.

Accordingly, online comparison is a must in which it is possible to compare different plans on a single platform based on coverage, premium, claims settlement report, and so forth. All this information available online helps to make a final decision.

Is the coverage sufficient?
The sum of the insurance cover is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a plan. Most insurance companies offer insurance coverage up to 5 lakh INR, while others can offer insurance cover up to 10 lakh INR.

However, you must consider your insurance requirements at the time of choosing short-term insurance.

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Do not just consider premium
The cheapest is not always the best. There is no point in having a plan with limited coverage, even though it comes at a nominal cost.

Last shot
As we said earlier, car insurance in Gujarat is experiencing a significant boom with the growing population. Some insurers have entered the top list with the economic and innovative product. Just research and compare insurers.

In addition to purchasing and renewing online policies, you can take advantage of additional benefits, such as 24×7 roadside assistance, online claim registration and many more.


Q1. What are the penalties applicable for violation of permit conditions?

Answer The State Transportation Authority (STA) takes the necessary actions against criminals under Section 86 of the Motor Vehicles Act by canceling or suspending permits.

Q2. What is the minimum eligibility to avail of a permit?

Answer Every registered owner of a transport vehicle can avail of permit. However, this is subject to a government notification.

Q3. What if my vehicle meets with an accident after the expiry of my vehicle insurance?

Answer As you know, driving a vehicle without insurance is a crime and can be penalized by law. In addition, your insurer will not cover you for expenses incurred in repairing the damages. That means that driving without an insurance policy has a huge cost.

Q4. How many RTO are there in Gujarat?

Answer To register a vehicle, the vehicle owner must complete and submit the RTO Gujarat online application called ‘Form 20’ through the official RTO Gujarat website. The print form of Form 20 must be taken and sent to the corresponding RTO office.

Q5. How can I check my driving Licence online in Gujarat?

Answer  to Obtain a Learning License in Gujarat
1- Visit the Ministry of Highways and Road Transport Website-
2- Click on online services and select driving license-related services.
3- Enter the name of the state-Gujarat.
4- Click on apply online and select a learning license.

Q6. Can RC be renewed after 15 years?

Answer However, the registration certificate or the RC must be renewed after 15 years from the date of its original issuance. After that, the vehicle registration can be renewed every five years as long as the RTO considers it appropriate.

Q7. How can I renew my driving Licence in Gujarat?

Answer The application on Form 9 attached with the original driver’s license must be made for the renewal of the driver’s license. A Medical Certificate on Form 1-A is required, if the applicant has reached 40 years of age or is requesting the renewal of the driver’s license for a transport vehicle.

Q8. What is the self-declaration form in RTO?

Answer Declaration as to Physical fitness to be given by the applicant: a. Do you suffer from epilepsy or from sudden attacks of loss of consciousness or giddiness from any cause?

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