Star health insurance plans is the most popular in India. Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd started operating in 2006 to provide affordable health insurance plans for all people.

The insurer has introduced a series of Mediclaim policies, health plans and accident insurance.

Star Health Insurance is also the first insurance company to launch a daycare source called Star Cardiac Care for people with heart disease.

Star Health Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance Plans in India

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co specialize in health insurance and offer their clients a wide range of plans.

The main objective of the company is to maintain affordable diets so that they are accessible to the common man.

List of health insurance plans offer by star health insurance.

  • Family Health Optima – (Individual & family)
  • Senior Citizens Red Carpet – (Individual )
  • Star Comprehensive Policy – ( Individual & family )
  • Medi-Classic Insurance – ( Individual & family )

1) Family health optima:

As the name implies, the plan is for the whole family. This is the best star health insurance plan for the family.

This is a unique typeface that offers wider coverage at an affordable price.

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 can subscribe to this plan.

The latter offers a lifelong renewal over 65 years. For each year without a claim, offer a free medical examination subsidy.

It has an option of automatic loading without additional charge. A newborn will be covered by this policy beginning on the 16th. The police cover the entire daily routine. it’s the best star health insurance for family.

features of the Optima Family Health plan.

  • This policy covers newborns.
  • The police also covers the costs of daycare and hospital treatment.
  • Costs for organ donors are covered by the policy.
  • Clients can use free health checks every year without any claim.
  • Ambulance charges, including an air ambulance.

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2) Senior Citizens Red Carpet :

This star health insurance plan was developed especially for people between 60 and 75 years old.

Before the insurance, a medical examination is not required.

The insurance covers existing diseases from the second year. The plan has a high sum of up to 10 lakhs and guarantees lifetime renewals.

If the policy is purchased online, a discount of 5% can be granted on the premium to be paid. this plans for senior citizens provide by star health insurance. this is the best star health insurance plan for senior citizen.

Features of senior citizen red carpet:

  • This health insurance covers existing diseases after a waiting period.
  • Hospital costs, such as accommodation costs, care, costs for surgeons, medication costs, etc.
  • Ambulance and coverage rates are provided before and after the hospital.
  • The daycare is provided in the directive

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3) Star Comprehensive Policy

This star health insurance plan applies to both individuals and families that cover the spouse and dependent children. Everyone between 18 and 65 can join this plan.

Dependent children can stay between 3 months and 25 years. There is no upper limit on rental and treatment costs.

The plan includes more than 400 daycare procedures. The plan also offers permanent disability, death and long-term disability insurance, which is equivalent to health insurance at no additional cost.

The police expect an attractive 100% increase in the insured sum if it extends for one year without disasters. it’s best star health insurance plan for individual & family also.

Features Of star comprehensive policy:

  • Bariatric surgery and related complications covered by this diet.
  • There is no upper limit for the costs of treatment and room rental
  • Covered by maternity expenses.
  • Insured persons receive a free health check after three years without any claim.
  • Other coverages include transportation services, second opinion, dental care, daily subsidy, daycare and accident insurance.

4) Medi-Classic Insurance

Medi-classic is insurance only for individuals. The policy can be accepted from 5 months to 65 years. The plan provides for the automatic recovery of the total sum insured of 200%. it’s the best star health insurance plan for individuals.

The daycare custody is covered and no 5% claim bonus can reach a maximum of 25% for each year without claims.

The existing diseases will be covered after a waiting period of 48 months, and the HIV-positive person can contract the insurance in accordance with the applicable conditions.

Features Of Medi-classic Insurance

  • Applicable tax advantage
  • Free health check
  • Daycare, hospitalization, patient care, hospital costs such as medication, room, food, nursing, doctor and surgeon.
  • Coverage before and after hospitalization, ambulance expenses.
  • Non-allopathic treatment, coverage of existing diseases,

This are the top best star health insurance plans in India 2019

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Can I extend my star health insurance plan? If so, how?

Ans: Yes, you can expand your star health insurance plan. For this purpose, the company will send you an extension notice with the expiration date of your current contract.

Does Start Health Insurance cover of existing illnesses?

Ans: Yes, Star health insurance is also compatible with your existing illnesses. However, you can get it after 48 months of continuous renewal with Star Health Insurance.

Which is the top best Star Health Insurance plan?

Ans: The top best star health insurance plans is:
1) Family health optima (For Family)
2) Senior Citizens Red Carpet (For Parents)
3) Star Comprehensive Policy (Individual / Family)
4) Medi-Classic Insurance (Only For Individual)

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