Today we will discuss about which is the best online bike insurance in India 2020?

Two-wheeler vehicles such as bicycles or scooters are considered the best partner and a simple means of transport to move around the city.

It is the most common vehicle among Indian citizens as it counteracts the terrible Indian traffic in a straight line and helps to get anywhere anywhere in the allotted time.

Although two wheeler are one of the simplest means of transport, it is not possible to avoid the risk of driving two wheeler.

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In India there is no lack of insurance for two wheeler. However, in order to choose the best online bike insurance plan for bike in India, cyclists and scooters must evaluate a number of critical factors such as the speed and accident ratio, the duration of the premium and the policy.

Insurance on two wheeler, network of cashless workshops in India and taste. Here is the selected list of the 5 best online bike insurance companies in India in 2020 taking into account all the important parameters.

Top-5-Bike-Insurance-In-India 2020
Top 5 Bike Insurance In India 2020

Top 5 Online Bike Insurance Companies in India for 2020

With the burgeoning Internet, you can now use the online bike insurance purchase. There are numerous online insurers in India.

The following lists of the top 5 online bike insurance companies will help you choose the best company.

If you are looking for the best two wheeler insurance for 2019, you can choose one of these ten two-wheeler insurance companies in India.

Here are the top 5 bike insurance companies in India for the past two years (2018-19). This information minimizes insurance costs, but maximizes the knowledge of the best bike insurance companies:

  1. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited
  2. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited
  3. HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited
  4. New India Assurance Company
  5. Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited

1) Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company

  • It is the most popular and reliable brand on the market. He has received numerous prizes and awards on various platforms for his constant performance and as the best choice for two-wheeler insurance.
  • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance offers the best insurance products and services on two wheels. The company offers 24-hour customer service in over 4,000 workshops throughout the country. Customer service is a top priority for customers and they are known for problem-free troubleshooting, innovative products, etc.
  • The global plan of the Bajaj Alliance includes third-party coverage that provides legal liability coverage in the event of accidental death, damage or injury to the third party.
  • The company offers personal accident insurance up to Rs. 1 lakh to the owner of the two wheels with convenient prizes.
  • It is one of the few companies that insures the bike from damage, theft, theft, natural disasters, riots, protests, etc.

Features & Benefits of Availing Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance:

  • Insured persons may transfer up to 50% of the NCB from any other bicycle insurance company in India.
  • The Bajaj Allianz provides telephone assistance for complaints 24 hours a day during the holidays.
  • The third-party premium remains the same for Bajaj Allianz’s long-term bike insurance.
  • With the Bajaj Allianz long-term two-wheeler insurance, the NCB does not expire even after a complaint.

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2) ICICI Lombard Bike Insurance:

  • ICICI Lombard is the largest Indian insurance company known for its brand and service. They have sold over 11 million policies and over 6 million settlements for claims. He received the “Celent Asia Insurance Technology Award” for his excellent technological integration for the benefit of the client.
  • You can easily receive the policy by e-mail after having purchased it online. You are the pioneers of this service. You can also benefit from online customer support at any time and repair the vehicle in 3,000 workshops across the country.
  • A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy that the company has stipulated covers the costs of an accident involving the owner or driver of the vehicle.
  • It provides for reimbursement of hospital expenses. If the insured driver dies, the candidate is entitled to the death allowance specified in the policy.
  • The ICICI Lombard policy also covers legal liability arising from the death of a third party, permanent disability or material damage.
  • The police also provide protection for parts that have been replaced after repairs due to natural damage, theft, etc.

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Features & Benefits of Availing ICICI Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

  • This insurance company offers long term two-wheeler insurance with a maximum duration of 3 years.
  • The ICICI Lombard online two-wheeler insurance does not require an inspection of the vehicle, even if the bicycle insurance has expired.
  • The ICICI Lombard online two-wheeler insurance includes individual accident insurance for the driver-owner. You can also benefit from additional coverage to protect fellow travelers.
  • This policy includes additional covers to protect bicycle accessories.

3) HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited

  • HDFC General Insurance is a globally recognized brand for all products and services. HDFC Ergo offers insurance for various products, including bike insurance with over 109 branches in at least 90 cities in India.
  • You have a network of over 1600 workshops where you can get technical support for your bike in case of damage.
  • The company has received an “iAAA” rating, which indicates the maximum solvency for complaints. You can customize your policy in any of their branches. HDFC Ergo has ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification for customer service, rapid publication of guidelines and uniform information in all branches.
  • The HDFC two-wheeler insurance covers the legal liability arising from the accidental death of third parties, permanent disability or property damage.
  • The global policy of HDFC Ergo provides personal accident insurance up to Rs. 1 lakh for the bike owner in the event of death by accident and permanent disability.
  • The company covers the two wheels that are insured against their own damage, burglary, theft, natural disasters, riots, protests, earthquakes, etc.

Features & Benefits Offered under HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance

  • ERGO HDFC two-wheeler insurance is covered in the long term. You can take out insurance on two wheels online and protect your bike or scooter for up to 3 years.
  • When it comes to long-term plans, this policy offers all the benefits of the NCB regardless of the history of the losses.
  • The third prize remains the same for a period of 2 or 3 years and allows policyholders to save on the third prize every year.
  • HDFC ERGO has a compensation rate of 94%.
  • In the event of an accident, the insured’s complaint is generally approved within 24 hours of the arrival of the damaged vehicle.
  • Motorcycle and scooter owners can choose from a wide range of IDVs when they buy ERFC HDFC two-wheeler insurance online.

4) New India Assurance Company

  • New India Assurance is a listed company that operates in multiple countries and has a global business worth over 16,000 rupees. They have a network of over 150 seminars and more throughout the country.
  • It is the company in India that receives an “A” rating from AM Best Company (a US-based rating agency that focuses on the performance of insurance companies), along with several other ratings that indicate this level of funding. solve the insured’s problems.
  • Replaces legal liability arising from accidental third party death, permanent disability or property damage.
  • The full insurance of the company covers personally the owner / driver of the two-wheeled vehicle against accidents in case of accidental death and permanent disability.
  • The company insures the insured bicycle against damage, burglary, theft, natural disasters, riots, protests, earthquakes, etc.

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Features & Benefits of Availing New India Assurance Bike Insurance

  • The New India Assurance system of India offers 20% to 50% of NCB.
  • Additional coverage is also available on New India Bike Insurance for an additional premium.
  • The complaint procedure is simple with New India Assurance.
  • The insured can sign up for and renew the online bike insurance plan of New India Assurance.

5) Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited

  • Bharti AXA’s two wheeler insurance covers personal injuries in the event of a terrorist incident.
  • he Bharti AXA online bike insurance covers the costs of maintenance and replacement of bicycle or scooter parts in the event of natural and man-made disasters.
  • If you are looking for a two wheeler insurance company in India with 24-hour customer service, Bharti AXA is the solution.

Features & Benefits of Availing Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

  • You can benefit from the cashless facility in over 2,500 cashless garages.
  • The Bharti AXA two-wheeled insurance can be renewed immediately without documents.
  • Buying a Long Term Two Wheeler Package Policy Bharti AXA can save you money.
  • Even if you file a complaint, your NCB will not drop to zero when you buy a Long Term Two Wheeler Package Policy.
  • You can benefit from a 10% discount for 2 years and a 20% discount for 3 years.

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You can choose one of the people listed above from the Top 5 Best Online Bike Insurance In India 2020. Before making the final decision, it is always a good idea to compare two wheeler insurance online in terms of performance, price restrictions and other important aspects.

Visit, the leading online insurance market for a transparent comparison between different two-wheeler insurance companies online and choose the best bike insurance company based on your needs.

It is also possible to purchase and renew two-wheeler insurance online directly through the portal.

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