Two Wheeler Insurance Policy for Famous Brands and Models

Two Wheeler Insurance Policy for Famous Brands and Models

Two Wheeler Insurance Policy for Famous

Brands and Models

Your bike is possibly your friend, companion and beloved one  It gives you the sense of freedom and allows you to ride across all types of roads be it the challenging roads of Himalayan countryside or the chaotic city paths of metro cities  We believe it’s more than just a two-wheeler for you and we are sure you pamper it and take utmost care by riding safely  Although riding a two-wheeler is an exciting experience, it is also vulnerable to road accidents  Similarly, external factors such as natural calamities and damages due to the third party may cause severe hazards to your life and two-wheeler too  Generally, two wheeler policies are broadly classified as third party liability only and comprehensive two wheeler insurance Although the former is a mandatory policy and helps in covering expenses related to third-party person or property, it’s the latter that helps you in long run by covering your own vehicle damage, third party liability and personal accident as well

List of Famous Two Wheeler Brands and Models

Leading Models from Hero :-

1)Karizma ZMR 2)Karizma 3)Xtreme 4)Hunk 5)Achiever 6)Ignitor 7)Glamour Programmed FI

8)Glamour 9)Super Splendor 10)Passion XPRO 11)Passion PRO 12)Passion PRO TR 13)Splendor

SMART 14)Splendor Pro Classic 15)Splendor Pro 16)Splendor Plus 17)HF Deluxe ECO 18)HF Dawn

19)HF Deluxe

Leading Models of Bajaj Bikes :-

1)Avenger 220 DTS-i 2)Pulsar 200 NS 3)Pulsar 220 4)Pulsar 180 5)Pulsar 150 6)Pulsar 135 LS Pulsar

7)New Discover 150 Discover 125 M 8)Discover 100 M 9)Discover 100 10)Platina 100 11)Ninja 650R

12)Ninja 300

Famous Models of Mahindra Bikes

  • Centuro
  • Centuro Rockstar
  • Pantero

Leading TVS Models Bikes :-

1)Apache Series RTR 2)Phoenix 125 3)MAX4R 4)StaRcity Plus 5)Sport

Famous Honda Bikes in India :-

1)Honda CBR 1000RR 2)Honda VFR 3)Honda CD 110 Dream 4)Honda Dream Neo 5)Honda Activa

6)Honda Dio 7)Honda Dream Yuga 8)Honda CB Twister 9)Honda Aviator 10)Honda CB Shine

11)Honda Activa 125 12)Honda CBF Stunner 13)Honda CB Unicorn 14)Honda CB Trigger

15)Honda CBR150R 16)Honda CBR250R 17)Honda CB1000R 18)Honda VT 1300CX 19)Honda Gold Wing GL 1800

Leading Products of Yamaha :-

1)RAY 2)Vmax 3)YZF-R1 4)FZ1 5)YZF-R15 6)Fazer FI  7)Fazer 8)FZ-S FI 9)FZ FI 10)FZS 11)FZ16 12)SZ-S 13)SZ-RR Blue Core 14)SZ-RR 15)SS125 16)YBR125 17)YBR11 18)Crux

Leading Products Suzuki :-


Famous Bikes Royal Enfield:-


Famous KTM Naked Bike :-

1)125 Duke 2)200 Duke 3)390 Duke 4)690 Duke 5)690 Duke R 6)1290 Super Duke R

Most Popular Bikes Kawasaki :-

1)Z250 2)Z800 3)Z1000 4)Ninja 300 5)Ninja 650 6)Ninja 1000 7)Ninja ZX 10R 8)Ninja ZX 14R 9)ER 6n

 Why do I need two wheeler insurance?

Buying a two-wheeler is an investment that you want to safeguard from any unforeseen risks. A two-wheeler insurance would help you in ensuring that you are covered against loss of the vehicle, driver, pillion rider or any third party.


Choose from multiple tenures 

You can now choose a policy tenure of 1, 2 or 3 years. Choosing a longer tenure means additional discounts & hassle free coverage without having to renew your policy every year.

No increase in the Third party premium For 2 and 3-year policies

Inbuilt Personal Accident 

The policy comes with an inbuilt personal accident cover to secure your finances in case of any injury due to an accident.

No Claims Bonus

Enjoy attractive discounts based on your previous claims history.

Additional Discounts

If you’re an active member of a recognized Automobile Association of India (AAI), you can enjoy an additional discount on your insurance premiums.


What is my two-wheeler policy period?

The tenure of your policy is simply the duration of insurance covering your two-wheeler. For example, if you take a single year policy, the policy tenure would be of one year. For a three year policy, not only are you covered for up to three years hassle-free, but also avail various benefits and discounts.

What is a No Claim Bonus (NCB)?

NCB is a discount on the Own Damage premium payable when renewing your policy after a claim-free year. It is an incentive for driving carefully and avoiding accidents.

All types of Vehicles with no claim made or pending during the previous:NCB% on own damage premium for the one-year policy
1 full year of insurance20%
2 consecutive years of insurance25%
3 consecutive years of insurance35%
4 consecutive years of insurance45%
5 consecutive years of insurance50%


What is NCB benefit in a multi-year policy?

To understand this better let’s take an example:
Suppose you purchased a 1-year policy and during which you had to take a claim due to an accident. When you renew the next year, you would not be getting NCB discount as you have taken a claim and thus your premium would increase. In the case of a multi-year policy, you get the NCB benefit for the entire policy period to be it two or three years even if you take any claim in between. You will not be asked for an additional premium during the policy tenure. This results in substantial savings and thus is very beneficial. This is one of the most important reason one should purchase a multi-year policy. At the end of the tenure of the policy, the insured is liable to get the next NCB slab based on the number of years no claim has been taken.

What is IDV?

The Insured’s Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle is the maximum Sum Assured fixed by the insurer at the beginning of each policy period for the insured vehicle. If the vehicle suffers a total loss, the IDV is the compensation that the insurer will provide to the policyholder.

What should the IDV of my vehicle be?

The IDV of the vehicle is fixed on the basis of the manufacturer’s listed selling price of the brand and model of the vehicle proposed for insurance at the commencement of insurance or at renewal and is adjusted for depreciation (as per the schedule specified below). The IDV of the sidecar(s) and/or accessories, if any, fitted to the vehicle, but not included in the manufacturer’s listed selling price of the vehicle is also likewise to be fixed.


Which is the best insurance policy for two-wheelers?

It’s better to buy a comprehensive insurance policy, which will protect your vehicle against.

Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

We often buy two wheeler insurance; however fail to renew it on a timely basis, probably due to a busy lifestyle and hectic schedules. Always set a reminder for your next renewal date so that you pay the next renewal premium on time. If your policy expires, you might land up in a legal trouble or have to bear the financial losses for any accidental damage caused to your vehicle. Renewals are not just meant for keeping you insured, but also for continuity benefits such as No Claim Bonus.


There are two ways of renewing your two wheeler insurance policy :


  1. Online Mode
  • By visiting your insurer’s website, if they allow online renewal, or
  • Any other web aggregator


  1. Offline Mode
  • By visiting the nearest insurance branch of your insurer
  • Through an insurance broker.


I personally prefer doing it online as it is very easy and convenient. You can visit web aggregator and follow certain renewal steps such as:

  • Enter your Registration No.
  • Select a Manufacturer
  • Select a Model
  • Select a Fuel Type
  • Select a Variant
  • Select a registration Year
  • Select the Previous Insurer
  • Select Policy Expiry Date
  • Claim made last year, etc

Thank you.

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