To meet the different needs of each client, large home insurance companies and Indian banks offer a wide range of home insurance policies.

These different types of home insurance policies help clients understand the need for home insurance in India and select the right policy for their needs. The most important and popular types of home insurance policies in India have been listed in full.

1) Fire and special risks policy

It is one of the best types of home insurance companies in India 2019 and, as the name implies, is insured against certain risks and specific fire events. This coverage can be purchased both from the owner (own house) and from the tenants living in a rented house.

The home insurance against fire and special risks cover the Insured’s home against loss and damage for the following reasons:

  • Natural disasters such as lightning, fires, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, earthquakes, storms & floods.
  • Damage caused by an explosion/implosion, antisocial activities caused by man, such as strikes, riots or damage caused by malicious intentions.
  • Damages due to direct rail/road contact, vehicle. Damages to your home insured with your own vehicle are excluded from this warranty.
  • Damage due to explosion and/or overflow of water tanks, pipes, and equipment
  • Subsidence, including rockslides and landslide
  • Missile test operations
  • Damages due to leaks in sprinkler systems

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2) Construction insurance

This type of home insurance policy in India covers the structure of your home against all risks and risks. In addition, the guide also protects all permanent facilities in the house.

This includes the kitchen and bathroom accessories, as well as the roof of an insured house.

Some houses have garages, outdoor space or shed. This type of home insurance policy usually covers these structures.

3) Liability insurance

If guests or third parties suffer damage to themselves or their property within the insured’s home, this type of home insurance provides protection against such damages.

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4) Personal accident

This type of home insurance policy in India covers you and your family. The compensation will be paid in case of permanent disability or death of the insured person due to an accident or personal injury, even if this happened somewhere in the world.

5) Theft and robbery

In case of robbery or theft in the insured house, theft or damage to valuables, you are covered by a contract.

6) Content insurance

Not only it secures your house, but the contents of your house, for which you would spend a lot of time and money, deserve the same protection. This type of home insurance policy in India protects your property against damages and losses due to theft, fire, flood and other similar incidents.

Your documents, portable devices, jewelry, televisions, refrigerators, etc. they are covered. This is useful if you need to change the interior of a house if it is flooded or burned to ash.

7) Insurance for tenants

As a tenant, I would obviously have rented a house or an apartment. In this case, it makes more sense not to decide on the roof of the building. On the contrary, you should focus on protecting your content.

This type of home insurance policy is essential for all tenants. Even if you live in a rented house, it is yours until you live there.

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8) Landlord’s insurance

As an owner, the maintenance of the building/apartment/structure of the house (the one you rent) is clearly your responsibility. Generally, standard construction insurance does not suit the needs of the owners, as well as the other residents who live there.

As an owner, you need something special for the owners. Therefore, owner insurance is ideal for you and also covers aspects such as loss of rent and liability.

What is not covered in home insurance?

  • Destruction of goods voluntarily
  • Material damage due to wear and tear
  • Loss of property through war
  • Loss of unoccupied property for a certain period of time
  • Silver in the form of cash, antiques, and collectibles

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FAQs on types of home insurance in India 2019

Q. What is the average cost of home insurance policy?

However, the average deductible is between $ 500 and $ 1,000 per year.

Q. What is the best home insurance?

State Farm is the best option for homeowners looking for the cheapest home insurance policy rates. Low State Farm rates along with national coverage mean that homeowners in the country are likely to find the cheapest homeowners insurance company.

Q. How much does home insurance policy in India cost per month?

In general, you will have to pay around $ 35 per month for every $ 100,000 of property, depending on your city and state. And, of course, costs vary from insurance companies to insurance companies. That’s why it’s advantageous to look for a cover.

Q. How to compare home insurance?

First things first: compare the references
Customize your coverage options
Be sure to get quotes from apple apples
Be sure to receive all available discounts
Investigate the financial situation of the company
Visit the website of your Department Of Insurance (DOI)
Think of customer service. Talk to a relevant person

Q. Does home insurance increase every year?

Insurance companies must increase the amount paid by their customers to cope with the increase in costs.
You may see an annual increase in your home insurance due to inflation and higher business costs. As the CPI increases, insurance companies increase premiums accordingly.

Q. Do you pay monthly or annual home insurance?

The most common expenses, where you can often choose between annual or monthly payments, are insurance premiums.
Regardless of whether it’s your car or home insurance, most companies charge premiums annually or bi-annually.
But to make it easier for your customers, you can also pay your premiums monthly.

Q. What home insurance is the cheapest?

The 5 best affordable homeowners insurance
Amica – Best customer ranking.
Allstate – Ideal for new owners.
State Farm – The most personal budget.
Progressive approval – extended.
MetLife – Better replacement coverage.

Q. Do I need a home insurance policy?

Unlike driving, you can legally own a home without an owner’s insurance. However, if you finance your home with a mortgage, you will most likely need home insurance to protect yourself from damages caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as fires or natural disasters.

Q. Who has the cheapest home insurance policy?

Top 3 of the cheapest insurance companies:
Amica Mutual Insurance: ideal for customer comments.
State Farm: ideal for working with a local agent.
Allstate: Ideal for a variety of discounts.

Q. How to choose a home insurance policy?

Tips to choose home insurance policy:
Buy a blanket If you own a house, it is likely that your mortgage lender will ask you to take out home insurance.
Check the qualification of the company
Consider the location
Enjoy discounts
Go online
Know the costs
Compare the franchise
Get to know the house and leave

Bajaj Allianz provides one of the best home insurance policies in India.

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