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Health insurance coverage is a standout amongst the most vital choices you make. Pick the card that opens entryways in all states. Ensure yourself and your family with the sympathy of the cross and the security of the shield. Appreciate the flexibility to live courageously. Picking the correct health Plan for you and your family is a vital choice. We comprehend, and we need you to feel sure about your decision. Give us a chance to enable you to discover the insurance plan it's hard to believe, but it's true for you.

  • You can buy individual health cover through the Health Insurance Marketplace all alone. Despite the fact that it's called individual health insurance, you can likewise discover plans to cover your family. Since health care can be costly, it's a keen plan to have health plans so you're set up for when you or your family have medical needs.

  • Health insurance deals with your medical costs and guarantees that out-of-stash costs are shortened to the Sum insured

  • A health insurance arrangement guarantees that you can benefit cashless treatment at a network hospital without paying for them, commonly covering 30 days and 60 days pre and post hospitalization, individually, in the greater part of the Health Insurance plans.

  • Easy to compare and buy online health insurance plan inside 30 sec. We give best medical insurance plans to the comparison. No printed material, Save gigantic premium, Save tax cuts, Cashless office, Affordable plans are accessible.

Best Health Insurance Companies In India

  • Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Bharti AXA Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Religare Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Max Bhupa Health insurance Company Ltd.
  • Future Generali Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Oriental Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • United Health Insurance Company Ltd.

Why Should I Have Individual Health Plan?

Get ready for the unexpected You never know when you'll require medical help.
Staying healthy Many preventive care services – like checkups - are covered at 100%.

Key Points to Remember
  • List of network hospitals and Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Sub-limits (if any) and Waiting Period (for PEDs)
  • Premium to be paid for the coverage
  • Sum Insured by the policy
  • Room Rent Limit
  • Accident Cover
  • Co-pay

Everyone needs to secure their own particular and their family's health. With the expanding expense of healthcare in India, buying a health plan approach has turned out to be relatively compulsory for everyone. Medical insurance ensures not only medical security but rather additionally a hassle-free claim determination. In this day and age of alternatives, individuals have distinctive options with regards to acquiring health insurance. There are different plans promptly accessible in India to incorporate each part of a medical crisis. Some well known sorts of policies are clarified beneath:

Health Insurance for Individuals and Family

Individual and family health insurance plans can help cover costs on account of genuine medical crises, and help you and your family remain over safeguard health-mind administrations. Having health insurance coverage can spare you cash on specialist's visits, remedies drugs, precaution mind, and other healthcare administrations. Regular health cover plans for individuals incorporate costs, for example, a month to month premium, yearly deductible, copayments, and coinsurance. The cost of your health insurance plan could be influenced by age, tobacco utilize, and smoking, however you won't be declined for an individual health insurance plan due to prior conditions.

Individual Health Insurance Policy:

This medical insurance approach gives coverage to an individual against certain diseases, offering points of interest like cashless hospitalization and different additional items. The entire sum assured is accessible for just a single individual and the premium is controlled by the age of the insured. Under this arrangement, each insured part is qualified for get the whole sum independently.

Family Health Plan:

With family health plan, you can incorporate all your family individuals against numerous maladies under a solitary cover. This Family Floater Mediclaim Policy offers a settled sum assured for the family members, which can be profited either by one or all individuals from his/her family for at least one claims amid the residency of the arrangement. Family health plans come at a possibly incremental cost.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Senior Citizen health insurance is outlined especially for anybody with age over 60 years, offering security from health issues amid maturity. As indicated by IRDAI, each firm should incorporate individuals up to the age of 65 years.

Critical Illness Insurance Plans

This plan is typically brought as an independent strategy or a rider for the treatment of different basic ailments, for example, kidney disappointment, loss of motion, growth, heart assault and so forth. As the pharmaceutical for such ailments is costly, the repayment is additionally high. A basic sickness is a genuine, potentially fatal ailment, entirely characterized by the supplier. Most basic disease policies give a singular amount of benefit if the insured is determined to have one or some of the predetermined terminal conditions.

Health Insurance

Medical insurance companies today cover such extra expenses, including both pre and post-natal care, kid conveyance (typical or cesarean), which sometimes includes inoculation of infants. This insurance covers the infant up to the legitimacy of this approach. It likewise covers transportation expense for shipping the mother to-be to the closest network hospital of decision.

Accident insurance

These individual accident insurance plans are much of the time gave as riders to standard health plans. They incorporate hospitalization and bear medical cost, in case of an accident. These are issued as settled benefit policies, where indicated sums are paid on the event of unexpected occasions, for example, accidents. Such occasions that can bring about death or handicap of the individual. Be that as it may, the payout isn't identified with the consumption.

Pre-Existing Disease Cover:

After a period of 2-4 years, different policies consider previous maladies, e.g. diabetes, hypertension, kidney disappointment, growth and so on. Previous sickness cover incorporates the ailment that the insured had before obtaining the approach..

Preventive Healthcare:

Without a doubt, healthcare is exceptionally costly and no one needs to fall sick; in any case. Along these lines, now we have preventive health mind that deals with you before you fall debilitated. This arrangement considers preventive care, for example, general health registration, concession in X-beam charges, conference expense and so forth. By offering different healthcare arrangements, this plan goes for keeping you healthy. Preventive care is medical look after a particular dissension yet centers around avoidance and early-location of diseases.

Unit Linked Health Plan:

Unit-Linked Health Plan (ULHP) has been presented as of late, which offers a special mix of health insurance and investment. Regardless of giving health assurance, ULHPs likewise add to building a corpus that can be utilized to meet uses not covered by health insurance policies.

Among the ULHPs accessible in Indian market, ICICI Pru's Health Saver, LIC's Health Protection Plus, Birla Sunlife's Saral Health and IndiaFirst's Money Back Health Insurance Plan merit investing your cash in. The breaking point of the cover relies upon age, health, gender or other said factors. By settling on this plan, one can spare a specific add up to be utilized to pay for the treatment of previous diseases that are not covered by an ordinary health strategy amid the holding up period.

The thing about medical crises is that they can hit anybody, whenever paying little mind to age, gender or way of life. Since it can't be anticipated, one can simply be set up for it. Health Plans ensures everybody in your family against budgetary misfortune from the unforeseen. It's an assertion amongst you and your insurance organization, where for a yearly premium, the backup plan pays for your hospitalization and other medical costs as said in your strategy.

Elements to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance Plans

There are a few factors that you have to consider before you buy health insurance. These incorporate the accompanying :

Select the Sum Assured Prudently :

The sum assured will rely on your capacity to pay a premium. However, factor in inflationary expenses of hospitalization and medical procedure while picking the sum assured. Make certain to compare health insurance plans online before making the last call.

Read the Fine Print :

Before you buy health insurance and mediclaim , read the terms and conditions, precisely. This will empower you to make sense of what precisely the insurance covers and when. Therefore, you can determine whether the insurance policy is adept for you.

Insurance Cap :

Mediclaim policy premiums influence co-installments and sub-limits. Ensure you comprehend these before you buy the health plan and Medicliam policy plans. It is judicious to recollect that co-installments, top, and sub-points of confinement will affect the arrangement benefits in the long-term.

Claim Settlement :

Maybe the most critical factor to consider is the claim settlement record of the insurance company. Pick a company with a decent record of settling claims. Demand the insurance supplier for their claim settlement proportion with the goal that you can determine whether it is the correct supplier for your healthcare needs.

The Health Insurance and Mediclaim Cover :

While health insurance and mediclaim premiums are essential, don't give the premium sum a chance to be your sole standard for picking an arrangement. Rather, you should discover what the insurance covers with the goal that you can determine whether it can address your issues. Cashless hospitalization, post-hospitalization and medical procedure are a few things that ought to be covered by your medical insurance and mediclaim plan .

The Number of Years It Offers Protection :

This viewpoint is connected to the renewability of the arrangement. Ordinarily, you renew a health cover and Mediclaim policy yearly to keep it in continuation. On the off chance that you don't renew it, the policy slips, and you lose any benefits it brings to the table. Consequently, discover how and when you have to renew the arrangement and what benefits you can profit with a convenient renewable.

Network Hospitals :

Ensure you throughly experience the rundown of impaneled healing facilities. Observe the ones closest to your place of stay and work, and look at the expert care they offer. Find out whether the accomplice doctor's facilities will have the capacity to take into account your healthcare needs.

Terms and Conditions Related to Premium Loading :

A health insurance company now and then bears higher misfortunes than it foreseen. It limits the danger of misfortunes by including premium stacking into health insurance approaches. This expands the health cover & mediclaim policy premiums each time you make a claim.

Committed Team :

It is critical that the health plan & medical insurance supplier has a committed group of experts who handle questions and the claim settlement process. Most insurance organizations utilize a TPA to oversee claims and handle issues.

Check Family Size Covered in Family Floater Health Insurance plans :

Family estimate shifts and therefore, most health insurance companies stipulate the quantity of wards who can be covered by family floater insurance plan. Ensure you comprehend this and select an arrangement that covers every one of your life partner, be it a companion, child, or parents.

Portability :

Mediclaim policy conveyability enables you to pick another insurance supplier without losing the benefits you have gathered with your current company. The convenientce likewise gives you a chance to settle on better approaches with another insurance supplier. More often than not, health insurance convenientce is free, however a few suppliers may charge you an expense.

Waiting Period for Pre-existing Health Condition :

On the off chance that you have any previous sickness, there will be a waiting period. Generally, the waiting period is 30 days from the day your insurance policy is started and is a one-time system. An insurance company can deny a claim if the safeguarded is hospitalized amid the waiting period. However, it will support the claim in the event that it is a crisis.

Top Up health Plans and Mediclaim Policy Cover :

Rather than settling on another arrangement, you can pick a top-up arrange for that expands the premium and the cover of a current arrangement.

Reestablish Benefit Option :

With this choice, you can reestablish the sum assured in the event that you have utilized it up as of now. However, it is reasonable to recall that once you reestablish the sum assured, it can't be utilized for a similar disease that made you achieve the utmost.

Compare Online Health Insurance Premiums with benefits :

Try not to compare health insurance premiums all alone. Rather, compare the premiums to the highlights advertised. Along these lines, you will have the capacity to learn whether you will utilize every one of the highlights. If not, you should search for a policy that has highlights that you will utilize. Still confounded? You can connect with us to comprehend why investing in a health insurance and mediclaim policy plan Is a smart thought.

  • Step 1: Visit policy planner website
  • Step 2: Fill Basic Details about you , Get FREE Instant Quote
  • Step 3: Compare Low To High Premium Amount Health Plans Of India's Best Health Insurance Companies
  • Step 4: Compare Each Plan in detail. Policy Brochure are Available
  • Step 5: Select Best medical insurance Policy & Buy
  • Step 6: Fill Basic Details , And Get your Policy Number
  • Step 7: Make Payment Online (Net banking, Debit card, Creadit card Are accepted)
  • Step 8: Bingo Your Policy is Genarated
  • Step 9: Get soft-copy on your E-mail within 2 min & hard-copy within in 5 days at your home address

Documents needed to apply for health insurance

health insurance
You need to provide below mentations documents to apply for an health insurance
1.ID proof

2. Address Proof

3.Proof of income

4. Age proof

5. Medical certificate

How does Health insurance work?

No matter which plans you pick, you'll pay a regularly scheduled installment (premium) to keep your health coverage. You may likewise pay each time you get medical care (co-installment or co-insurance). For the most part, the more you pay every month (premium), the lower your deductibles and out-of-stash costs.

When you're taking a gander at health insurance plans, the greatest contrasts are in the administrations they cover and the amount they'll pay for those administrations. With a few plans, you'll pay a specific sum when you have an administration – that can be known as a co-installment or coinsurance, contingent upon your plan..

In the event that you have a deductible, that is the sum you'll need to pay for covered administrations previously the insurance begins paying

A large portion of the time, you'll pay for part of your health care administrations until you've paid the "out of pocket greatest." After that, the medical insurance as a rule pays for covered costs.

Health Insurance Eligibility

Medical Insurance policy is required for nearly everybody, particularly for the individuals who have wards or potentially families since they positively don't need them to have monetary strains. Purchasing a medical insurance policy guarantees that one's health is anchored and medical costs are secured over a wide system of clinics in India. One can choose the best health insurance policy with the expanded scope on the accompanying two bases:

  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Family Floater
  • accompanying criteria must be satisfied without disappointment:
  • age for Adults: 18 to 65 years (70 or more, in light of the arrangement and guarantor)
  • Entry age for Children: 90 days to 18 years.

Medical insurance covers the cost, expenses which occur due to necessary treatments for diseases. So, basically, Medical needs & treatments are covered by health insurance.

If a person is hospitalized due to a disease or a surgical treatment is covered by health insurance. Cosmetic surgery which is to enhance the features of body or face is not a medically needed treatment. But if a person needs a cosmetic surgery due to an uncertain mishap or accident then it is covered by health insurance. because it is the medically necessary treatment to treat that person with a surgical treatment, dental treatment due to the accident.

Let us see more examples below of what is covered and what is not covered under Mediclaim Cover :

What is covered by medical insurance?

Other than covering the medical expenses there are different advantages covered by the Mediclaim policy:

Cashless facility :

The medical insurance companies issues an identity card to the Insured and on demonstrating this card on the networked hospital, he/she can profit cashless facility meaning insurance holder require not pay anything to the hospital. The Insurer would have a tie-up on every one of the hospitals as of now to encourage cashless facility.

Hospitalization cash benefits :

Every day hospitalization expenses are covered to lessen the money related burden of the medical insurance holder. This would be an extraordinary help to the insured as this sum would adjust for the loss of income and different expenses.

Pre and post hospitalization costs :

Usually pre and post hospitalization expenses are covered up to 60 to 90 days and some insurance companies even support up to 140 days.

Rescue vehicle charges :

Even emergency vehicle charges are covered by some insurance companies and the insurance holder require not stress over those charges.

Health checks up :

on the off chance that there is no Claim for a specific number of years, some organization even gives free health check up to the guaranteed.

Previous illnesses :

Usually prior infections are not covered under health insurance policy; anyway diabetes is covered if the protected reestablishes the Policy for 3 or 4 back to back years.

What is NOT covered by medical insurance?

Despite the fact that medical insurance covers the unanticipated medical crises, there are impediments to the policy:

Pre-existing(previous) diseases :

Pre-existing diseases are which you may have had earlier taking the policy, for example, hypertension, diabetes and so forth won't be covered under the health insurance policy; additionally the entanglements emerging later on due to prior diseases would not be covered. Be that as it may, a few organizations do cover prior diseases after the constant reestablishment of policy with no breaks.

Some particular medical condition :

Some medical conditions, for example Hernia, cataract, gallbladder stone expulsion(removal), calculus diseases, hydrocele, joint replacement, sinusitis, Fibromyoma, Benign prostatic hypertrophy, piles, fistula in anus and age-related ailments like Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis are not covered for a specific period of time, this time duration is different in each insurance company.

Cosmetic surgery :

Cosmetic surgery is typically not covered by Medical insurance as it doesn't influence an individual life and it isn't dangerous. Cosmetic surgery like liposuction, Botox and others are not some portion of the health insurance coverage.

Fetus removal :

Abortion is still in wrangle about, regardless of whether to legitimately affirm it or not all that it is prohibited from the health insurance package.


Pregnancy treatment and any crisis emerging at the appointed time like cesarean area are not covered under Medical insurance.

Cost for Alternative treatment :

Alternative treatment like back rub, fragrant healing, reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, naturopathy and other related treatments are not supported since these are not some portion of customary drugs.

Indicative charges :

Diagnosis charges to recognize the nearness of the diseases performed at the hospital or nursing home are not normally payable by medical insurance.

Additional charges :

Service charge, enrollment expenses, affirmation charges and some other extra charges would not be repaid in medical insurance.


Costs for vitamins and other health tonics which are not some portion of the treatment for any disease or damage isn't considered for repayment. In any case, if these supplements are given by the doctor for the piece of the treatment when a man is hospitalized, at that point it would be covered by medical insurance.

It is basic for each insurance holder to peruse the terms and conditions painstakingly to know the prohibitions. Additionally, one should take note of the medical conditions not supported by the insurance organization. It is the duty of the insurance holder to discover what is covered and what isn't in health insurance with the goal that they can maintain a strategic distance from pointless insurance claims.

Offline Insurance

  • 2 or 3 Comparision Option
  • close Save huge premium
  • check paper work
  • check Agent Commission
  • close Choosing Option
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Online Insurance

  • 20+ Comparision Option
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What Is Covered

health insurance


If you are admitted for treatment in a network or a non-network hospital for more than 24 hours.They are providing better services to policy users.

health insurance


Medical expenses including diagnostic reports, medicines etc. for the treatment you are hospitalized.

health insurance


OPD treatments are not included, but procedures such as cataract and kidney stone removal are covered (even if they don't need 24-hour hospitalization).

health insurance


For medical and other out-of-pocket costs in case of an accidental injury. In fact, this cover is active from the very first day of policy insurance users.

Best Health Insurance Plans in India

Insurance Companies Health Plans Sum Insured (Min/Max) Pre- Existing Diseases Co- Payment Pre/Post Hospitalization No Claim Bonus
Religare Health Insurance Co. NCB SUPER PREMIUM 2Lacs/5Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 30/60 days Max up to 150% of SI
Religare Health Insurance Co. CARE 2Lacs/4.5Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 30/60 days Max up to 150% of SI
Religare Health Insurance Co. NCB SUPER PREMIUM WITH UAR 2Lacs/5Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 30/60 days Max up to 150% of SI
Religare Health Insurance Co. CARE WITH UNLIMITED RECHARGE 2Lacs/5Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 30/60 days Max up to 150% of SI
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV ASSURE - DIAMOND 2Lacs/10Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV ASSURE – DIAMOND WITH UNLIMITED RELOAD 2Lacs/12Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ENHANCE (HYPERTENSION) 2Lacs/5Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ENHANCE (ASTHMA) 2Lacs/10Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ENHANCE (DIABETES) 2Lacs/12Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ENHANCE 2Lacs/13Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ESSENTIAL (DIABETES) 2Lacs/10Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ESSENTIAL (HYPERLIPIDAEMIA) 2Lacs/10Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%

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