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An individual health insurance, At whatever point you consider your life – work, love, marriage, and so forth, you need unwavering quality, affirmation, and responsibility for everything. You attempt to encircle yourself with faithful individuals in your companion bunches and office workers. As you know that our life is loaded with vulnerability and unknown conditions which can happen whenever at wherever. So with a specific end goal to lead a glad and tranquil life we have to guarantee ourselves that we are sheltered and anchored through some reinforcement bolster. Why we require insurance? To have an upbeat existence one needs cash and a decent health. Such a large number of private and open associations have begun giving repayment plans to individuals living in both rustic and created zones.

Health insurance is something imperative in view of a few reasons. Those individuals who don't have any sort of health plan confront hardships in medical treatment that prompts the intricacy of circumstance. Because of an absence of insurance, the cost of health treatment turns into a weight for individuals and also their family individuals. Actually, the individuals who have health insurance appreciate a superior and loose life as they are prepared to meet the necessities of any medical crisis. The best health insurance policy is the one which takes finish care of medical costs. It additionally incorporates the coverage of handicap and long haul treatment and custodial care require contingent on the organization and the plan. It will likewise help you in profiting tax benefits.

Fundamentally, an individual health insurance implies an independently characterized cover for every part. It is accessible for an individual as opposed to an association or gatherings. It gives health coverage to the protected individual. You might be agreeably shocked by getting distinctive alternatives in the same. Nowadays the insurance advertise in India has turned out with a few insurance choices.

An individual health cover will give coverage to the safeguarded against fundamental medical care cost. Aside from it, this will likewise give extra advantages to make the coverage considerably more successful. The advantages of the plan shift from organization to organization. Remaining healthy is an essential factor for an individual. Individuals should put health care as their highest need. Staying healthy is an important thing. Clients should buy the health insurance plan as quickly as time permits. Early health insurance will ensure clients for the lifetime.

Individual health insurance implies that the health insurance policy is issued for the sake of one individual as it were. Thus, for all family individuals that are proposed to be protected, you'll need to buy isolate approaches relying on the quantity of individuals in the family. In such a case, every family part will have a devoted sum assured under the policy.

Individual insurance plans safeguarded single individual and the family insurance plans guaranteed entire family with single plan.

Individual insurance plans safeguarded single individual and the family Family insurance plans are much advantageous than individual plans as you got your full family guaranteed with single regularly scheduled payment as opposed to paying for each part.

Importance Of Individual Health Insurance Plan

Individual insurance plans safeguarded single individual and the family There are a few components which makes it imperative to have an individual health plan. Having a health insurance plan is indispensable for individual and for the family too. It is fundamental for health and budgetary wellbeing. A health insurance gives scope against the unexpected medical costs. You should buy it as quickly as time permits. There is a prevalent saying in regards to the same

Individual insurance plans safeguarded single individual and the family Individual Health insurance or Mediclaim Policy is a sort of health insurance policy that covers the cost of your medical treatment and more. The extent of a health cover relies upon the sort of health insurance policy you are choosing. As a rule, a health insurance covers Hospitalization costs acquired inferable from infection or accidents and also covers the following:

  • Pre-hospitalization costs like medical tests, OPD expenses and so on before getting hospitalized.
  • Ambulance expenses.
  • Costs relating to hospitalization like the room, medical procedure, surgery and different charges.
  • Recuperation charges or post-hospitalization charges in the wake of getting discharged from the healing center like a specialist visit, drugs etc.

Best Health Insurance Companies In India

  • Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Bharti AXA Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Religare Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Max Bhupa Health insurance Company Ltd.
  • Future Generali Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Oriental Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • United Health Insurance Company Ltd.

Medical health insurance policy customarily comes in annual mode and is required to be renewed each year. insurance companies offer diverse sorts of plans to maximize and advantages. A portion of the scope incorporates pre and post-hospitalization costs, hospitalization costs, day mind forms, and domiciliary treatment.

  • No confinements on hospital costs, for example, room lease, specialist expenses, examinations and solution costs.
  • No passage age limitation.
  • Maternity Benefit alongside New Born child cover .
  • Free health registration on finishing 4 assert free years .
  • Long lasting renewability .
  • Huge chain of 6000+ system hospitals for cashless treatment.
  • Assessment investment funds upto Rupees 60,000 under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • It gives wide scope to the medical treatment if there should arise an occurrence of mishaps and sickness which needs in-persistent hospitalization.
  • A few organizations additionally give scope on basic ailment.
  • Spreads ICU charges, boarding and hotel cost, indicative method prosthetic expenses, and so on.
  • Clients between the age gathering of 5 to 60 years can exploit this plan, yet this likewise changes from back up plan to guarantor.
  • Long lasting reestablishment office.
  • Gives scope against day mind techniques and crisis rescue vehicle.
  • All clients can exploit charge reserve funds under Sec 80 D of Income Tax Act.
  • In individual health insurance plan, the safeguarded alone acquires every one of the advantages under the plan.
  • The individual will win the advantage of individual sum assured as opposed to coasting sum assured.
  • Most appropriate for individuals with higher health insure.
  • Guardians and close family individuals can be added to the plan .
  • No confinements on the most extreme age for the individuals for the recharging of the policy.
  • There is no compelling reason to stress over making in excess of one claim in multi year since the plan provides food just to a solitary individual.
Best Individual Health Plan:

Check points of confinement and sub-limits:Barely any cutoff points and sub-breaking points can decrease the cost of the premium, yet may adjust the advantages. You should check your prerequisite, paying limit and pick in like manner to receive most extreme rewards.

Claim settlement ratio:

It is a critical factor that you should check before settling on your buy choice. With it you can guarantee that your cases would not be wrongly withheld by the insurance companies.

Try not to depend on premium:

It is an imperative element, yet you ought not settle on any choice based on premium sum. You ought to likewise check the highlights of the plan as opposed to only the premium expenses.


It is essential to check how long the policy proposes to cover you. Check renewability highlights to get the best health insurance policy of the part.

Cashless facility:

Each insurance company gives a rundown of system hospitals. In the event that the policyholder gets conceded in any of the system hospitals then he/she doesn't need to pay anything due to the office as safety net providers cover such costs i.e Cashless Health Insurance.

No claim bonus:

The client will get the no claim bonus on the off chance that they don't document any claim in the policy term period. Policyholders can utilize the same to pay promote premiums.The repayment of treatment done in non-organize hospital is done in few days.

Tax benefits:

Under segment 80D of Income Tax Act, tax cuts can be benefited on the premium paid.

  • Step 1: Fill Basic Details of You & Your Family, Set Your Sum Insured Amount & Get FREE Instant Quote.
  • Step 2: Compare Low To High Premium Amount Plans Of India's Best Insurance Companies.
  • Step 3: Compare Each Plan in detail.
  • Policy Brochure are Available.
  • Step 4: Select Best Health insurance plan & Buy.
  • Step 5: Fill Basic Details of You & Your Family, And Get your Policy Number.
  • Step 6: Make Payment Online (Net banking, Debit card, Creadit card Are accepted)
  • Step 7: Bingo Your Policy is Genarated.
  • Step 8: Get soft-copy on your E-mail within 2 min & hard-copy within in 5 days at your home address.

Documents needed to apply for individual health insurance

individual health insurance
You need to provide below mentations documents to apply for an individual health insurance
1.ID proof

2. Address Proof

3.Proof of income

4. Age proof

5. Medical Certificate

6. Passport Size Photo

Choosing the best individual health plan may appear to be difficult to you, yet at Policy Planner, we give you straightforward and hassle-free approaches to compare individual health insurance policy in India and select the best one which suits your necessity. There are the couple of things which you ought to consider before doing individual health plans examination. At our entryway, we help you with supportive tips to get the best online plan.

Compare online quotes and get the coveted plan in a couple of minutes absent much documentation. You will get the policy through email within 60 minutes. You should simply fill some essential subtle elements for exploiting the examination administrations, get free instant online quotes, compare online plans and buy the coveted plan which suits your prerequisites totally.

Inpatient hospitalization costs: As the name proposes, inpatient hospitalization costs are those costs that a policyholder brings about when he/she is hospitalized in a hospital because of a medical condition. It would be ideal if you take note of that not all costs and medicines will be secured by the safety net provider since you have a health insurance arrangement with them. The medicines secured will be obviously said in the insurance strategy record which will be imparted to you amid the beginning of the approach. Additionally, inpatient hospitalization costs will be paid just if the policyholder is admitted to a hospital for over 24 hours. A portion of the inpatient hospitalization costs that a large portion of the safety net providers more often than not cover are as per the following:

  • Hospital room charges
  • Inpatient lab test charges
  • ICU room charges
  • Cost of medications
  • Operation theater charge
  • Cost of X-beams, MRIs, and CT examines
  • The cost incurred to organize blood or oxygen
  • Organ transplants
  • The cost incurred to get the careful gear and other careful devices required
  • Some other costs identified with the treatment that the policyholder is accepting

Maternity expenses : Most of the health insurance policies offered in India cover maternity expenses. To enable individuals to adapt up to their maternity expenses without breaking their reserve funds, numerous safety net providers offer maternity health insurance plan at a moderate cost.

Pre-existing diseases Most insurers cover the medical expenses that are caused due to pre-existing diseases of the policyholder. It covers specified day-care procedures as well. Please note that there might be a waiting period to avail this benefit. Usually, the insurer will have a waiting period of 11 months within which no claims will be honored.

Other extra charges Apart from inpatient hospitalization expenses, health insurance plans also covers other miscellaneous expenses like ambulance charges and post-hospitalization expenses.

Pre/post-hospitalisation expenses Most insurers cover the medical expenses that are caused due to pre-existing diseases of the policyholder. It covers indicated day-mind systems also. If it's not too much trouble take note of that there may be a holding up period to profit this advantage. For the most part, the insurer will have a holding up time of 11 months inside which no claims will be regarded.


While coverage is at the watchfulness of individual safety net providers, there are sure prohibitions or conditions that shape an essential piece of the agreement. The more typical ones are illustrated below -

  • The policy happens after a holding up period, more often than not 30 days from beginning.
  • Pre-existing diseases and other indicated sicknesses might be covered subject to a holding up period. This more often than not runs from 2 to 4 years.
  • A few policies particularly not coverd maternity/new-conceived costs.
  • Injuries/diseases emerging from War, common distress, fear mongering and related acts.Atomic dangers. Suicide attempt , perilous exercises, demonstrations of carelessness.
  • Afflictions, for example, HIV, STDs and other related illnesses/illnesses of comparable nature.
  • Elective/unrecognized medicines that are non-allopathic in nature (a few policies cover ayurvedic, unani and comparable medications).
  • Techniques like corrective/plastic/sex change medical procedures, hormonal substitutions and so on.
  • Dental, optical methods and so on.
  • Genetic disorders; Psychiatric clutters.
  • Costs for rest and restoration; normal illnesses of gentle seriousness.
  • Unnecessary demonstrative tests, treatment, post-mind methods.
  • Treatment/finding attempted outside India or by an unfit medical expert.

What Is Covered

health insurance


If you are admitted for treatment in a network or a non-network hospital for more than 24 hours.They are providing better services to policy users.

health insurance


Medical expenses including diagnostic reports, medicines etc. for the treatment you are hospitalized.

health insurance


OPD treatments are not included, but procedures such as cataract and kidney stone removal are covered (even if they don't need 24-hour hospitalization).

health insurance


For medical and other out-of-pocket costs in case of an accidental injury. In fact, this cover is active from the very first day of policy insurance users.

Best Health Insurance Plans in India

Insurance Companies Health Plans Sum Insured (Min/Max) Pre- Existing Diseases Co- Payment Pre/Post Hospitalization No Claim Bonus
Religare Health Insurance Co. NCB SUPER PREMIUM 2Lacs/5Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 30/60 days Max up to 150% of SI
Religare Health Insurance Co. CARE 2Lacs/4.5Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 30/60 days Max up to 150% of SI
Religare Health Insurance Co. NCB SUPER PREMIUM WITH UAR 2Lacs/5Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 30/60 days Max up to 150% of SI
Religare Health Insurance Co. CARE WITH UNLIMITED RECHARGE 2Lacs/5Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 30/60 days Max up to 150% of SI
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV ASSURE - DIAMOND 2Lacs/10Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV ASSURE – DIAMOND WITH UNLIMITED RELOAD 2Lacs/12Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ENHANCE (HYPERTENSION) 2Lacs/5Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ENHANCE (ASTHMA) 2Lacs/10Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ENHANCE (DIABETES) 2Lacs/12Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ENHANCE 2Lacs/13Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ESSENTIAL (DIABETES) 2Lacs/10Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%
Aditya Birla Capital ACTIV HEALTH ESSENTIAL (HYPERLIPIDAEMIA) 2Lacs/10Lacs Covered after 4 years Applicable 60/180 days 10%/20%

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