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  • What is Travel Insurance?

    So, you are a passionate traveler and you go on vacation! And you wonder how travel insurance could help you during your vacation? Well, travel insurance would help you deal with all medical and travel contingencies while traveling abroad. Buying travel insurance online can be stupid, but it's better than apologizing.

    Purchasing travel insurance online not only protects you from all sorts of unexpected situations but also helps you keep all the memories of your stay abroad.

    It is extremely important to include the best travel insurance on your checklist when planning your vacation, whether for pleasure or for work. Travel insurance online is gaining importance.

    To take out unexpected situations, such as flight delays, lost luggage, lost passports, and medical emergencies, taking out travel insurance is extremely important. It's also convenient and easy since you can take out travel insurance online.

    Why do you need a Travel Insurance Policy?

    If you travel widely, you may be in an unfamiliar environment and face immediate emergencies. The main reason for taking out a travel insurance policy is to help in situations such as accidents, illnesses, kidnappings, theft, liability costs or other travel incidents when you visit a new destination. By providing comprehensive travel insurance policy, you are no longer worried about dealing with emergencies or making safe trips abroad.

    Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance Policy

    • Travel insurance policy provides compensation for flight delays, travel delays, etc. when people make longer trips abroad.
    • Travel expenses are also offset by the travel insurance policy.
    • Medical care, hospitalization, and accommodation in an emergency hotel are also included in the travel itinerary.
    • Customers can get personalized plans for the destination they are traveling to. The bonus amount varies depending on the destination.
    • Travel insurance policyholders can also insure personal liability, accidental death, travel delay, legal fees, dental care, repatriation, and emergency meetings.
    • Travel insurers across the country offer policyholders 24x7 customer service to help with loss of documents, accidents and more.
    • Travel insurance policy provides medical benefits to the policyholder.
    • Travel insurance plans also provide travel, baggage and additional benefits to the insurer.

    What is single trip policy?

    A route is good for travelers at a time. They can be valid for up to 180 days. However, your online travel insurance can also be extended if you make a modest claim to the insurer. Have you packed your bags? And do not forget to take out travel insurance online.

    What is Annual Multi-Trip Policy?

    This travel insurance policy is ideal for frequent travelers or globetrotters. It is valid for several trips throughout the year, from 30 to 45 days each, and the reward with suitcases full of memories. You have the option of choosing the coverage and type of travel insurance plan according to your needs. As part of the travel insurance policy, however, several plans are offered.

  • International Travel Insurance Plan

    Many general insurance companies offer the best-personalized travel insurance policies. Because each goal has different requirements. In addition, every insurance company strives to ensure that all requirements are met and that all details are covered.

    Features such as total loss of checked baggage, lack of medical evidence for more than 80 years, hospitalizations without money, etc., are included in most international online travel insurance plans.

    Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

    Many travel insurance companies offer seniors comprehensive travel insurance plans for a stress-free trip around the world. Services such as cancellation of a medical trip, home aggression, when you spend your vacation, loss of luggage, pre-existing illnesses, emergency medical expenses, personal liability, financial assistance of emergency, dental care, flight cancellation, etc. get covered in these travel insurance plans.

    Student Travel Insurance Plan

    Student Travel Insurance Plan provides medical and financial assistance to students traveling abroad to obtain a higher degree. A student may be exposed to sudden medical emergencies or financial problems while studying abroad.

    It could also interrupt their studies. The cancellation insurance covers all these emergencies for the duration of the study without obstacles.

    Asia Travel Insurance Plan

    If you travel to one of the countries of Asia or Southeast Asia, this travel insurance plan comes into play in Asia. Services offered include emergency money, passport loss, emergency money, emergency care, liability insurance, etc. A travel insurance plan in Asia offers comprehensive coverage that takes into account any doubts.

    Corporate Travel Insurance Plan

    Many employees have to travel to different countries on business trips. To protect them from the unexpected, employers offer trip cancellation insurance.

    These travel benefits can be customized to the needs of the employee and provide insured medical care and travel insurance coverage. This includes injury, loss of baggage, emergency evacuation and flight cancellations. Etc.

    Group Travel Insurance Plan

    There is a vacation where you want to travel with your friends and family in a large group to spend an unforgettable and exciting vacation. Group Travel Insurance Plan offers 20 or more people benefits such as lost luggage, travel delays or reduction, loss of documents, etc.

    It is essential that each member of the group fulfills the functions and benefits of travel insurance policy, as the trip is made up of a large group.

    Schengen Travel Insurance Plan

    People traveling in the Schengen countries for a maximum period of 90 days, such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Estonia, France, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Norway, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland must, in addition to the Schengen visa , take out travel insurance policy or Schengen health insurance.

    Domestic Travel Insurance Plan

    National travel insurance plan covers travel to India. People are insured against loss of luggage, medical expenses, 24/7 customer service, medical evacuation, emergency money, accident insurance, lost luggage, etc. Anyone over the age of 18 and under 65 can take out this travel insurance plan.

  • Family / International Travel Insurance: These travel insurance plans protect two adults under 60 and two children under 21 years of age. Floating benefits are also available with a family travel insurance policy.

    Travel Insurance for Students: Most travel insurance plans accept students aged 16 to 35/40 enrolled at a foreign higher education institution. Existing Indian students living abroad are also qualified to follow these guidelines.

    Travel Insurance for seniors: Adults over the age of 85 are not required to take a medical examination when purchasing a travel insurance policy for the elderly.

    Schengen Travel Insurance: Adults under 70 and babies over 90 days can be insured. The purpose of traveling should be business or tourism.

  • Medical Expenses - Provides protection for any surgical or emergency medical treatment outside the home.

    Curtailment - Offers coverage for any truncated or canceled trip for a good cause. This feature can save you a lot of money on flights or hotel cancellations.

    Personal Liability Insurance - Provides coverage if you damage someone's property or are responsible for bodily injury resulting from an accident.

    Loss of Passport - Indicates the cost of replacing the original passport if stolen during the trip.

    Terrorism - Covers the medical losses and insurance provided during a terrorist attack during your visit abroad.

    Repatriation of Remains - Covers the repatriation costs of the mortal or the remainder of the insured person in their country of origin.

  • Student Travel Insurance



    Loss of passport/checked luggage Expenses due to AIDS, mental disorder, drug abuse, anxiety treatment, etc.
    Emergency dental/medical expenses Traveling against medical advice
    Personal liability High-risk zones traveling
    Accidental death/permanent disability Loss of passport if left unattended
    Study interruption Pre-existing diseases
    Sponsor protection Consequential loss
    Bail bond
    Medical examination

    Schengen Travel Insurance



    Loss of checked-in- luggage Medical expenses post expiry of the Schengen visa
    Emergency medical expenses/medical evacuation/ dental expenses Pre-existing diseases
    Loss of passport Expenses due to terrorism/civil war
    Repatriation of human remains Suicide, mental disorder
    Reimbursement process expenses family member visiting the insured if hospitalized for a week Cosmetic surgery, cost of spectacles, contact lens, hearing aids, etc.
    Accidental death/permanent Expenses due to alcohol, drugs or
    disability liquor
  • Travel insurance policy offers protection against all possible emergencies during transport. Different insurers make their best travel insurance plans according to certain parameters. These parameters may vary from one floor to another.

    You need to compare travel insurance policy as it will help you understand if the features and benefits of the chosen travel insurance plan meet your needs and preferences.

    By comparing travel insurance policies, you get the best travel insurance plan, which is not limited to pocket size but also provides adequate coverage in case of lost luggage, delay in a trip or even accident. It is good to have several quotes in mind, their benefits, and their conditions.

    It can help you compare, select and find the best travel insurance policy for you. Once your payment is complete, you can purchase travel insurance online.

    Important points to be considered before comparing travel insurance plans:

    You must compare travel insurance plans for the following:

    1.Pre-existing conditions: Check the conditions that each insurer has in the existing conditions.

    2.Sports and exciting holidays: If you are addicted to adrenaline and have sports or risky activities during your trip, remember.

    3.Levels of insurance: Find out what your needs are and how much you need to buy a travel insurance plan.

    4.Limit travel times: If you travel abroad for how many consecutive days do you cover them? This is one of the questions you should ask when comparing travel insurance plans. If you exceed the established limit even for one day, your insurance may lose its validity.

    5.Personal property: In case of negligence, the insurer may deny compensation in advance. Most policies apply only to theft or accidental loss of money if it is stored in your pocket or stolen from your locker in your room.

    6.Missed flight: It cannot be your fault if you miss a flight. However, make sure your insurer covers it for a new flight.

    7.Flight cancellations: All are scheduled for a dream trip, but due to illness, your trip will be canceled. Your travel insurance plan may cover cancellation fees.

    8.Additional benefits: Make your travel insurance plan more attractive by adding additional benefits such as free assistance, easy approval, easy application process, and free child protection.

    9.Exclusions: Sometimes some objectives may be excluded from your policy. Compare the guidelines to see if they meet the goals that will probably happen over the weekend.

    Steps for comparing travel insurance online

    The comparison between online travel insurance is very convenient. To compare travel insurance online, you must follow these steps:

    • Evaluate your requirements
    • Discover the background of the travel insurance company
    • Understand what kind of travel insurance policy is right for you
    • Compare the features and benefits of all travel insurance plans based on the above parameters
    • Discover your ideal travel insurance policy
  • Travel insurance claim process can be done in two ways: As cashless claims or as reimbursement process from clients.

    Cashless Claims: To request this type of complaint during emergency treatment or hospitalization in any country in the world, customers must provide the travel insurance policy’s documents to the tour operator.

    Cashless service is provided and the client must inform the respective travel insurance company about the damage. Medical expenses are resolved by the insurer directly with the medical service provider.

    Claims for reimbursement: This is the most common application process in which the travel insurance contractor must contact the travel insurance company to file a claim. Subsequently, upon arrival in India, the client must provide the travel insurance company with all the necessary documents from that particular travel insurance company.

    The insurance claim against the coverage used by the client. After the review process, the insured will pay the policyholder directly to the policyholder. The travel insurance claim period varies from one insurer to another and also depends on the nature of the claim.

    Customers must provide the following information when registering a travel insurance claim:

    • Travel insurance number
    • Name of Insurer
    • Contact information - phone number / email ID
    • Diagnostic report for medical cases
    • Name of the country where the loss occurred
    • In case of accidents, the date/time must be indicated
    • Description of the loss
  • 1. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd

    • International Travel Insurance
    • Individual Travel Insurance
    • Individual Travel Insurance
    • Family Travel Insurance

    2. Religare Travel Insurance

    • Explore - International Travel Insurance
    • Student Explore - International Travel and Health Insurance

    3. Star Health & Allied Insurance

    • Star Travel Protect Insurance Policy
    • Star Travel Protect Insurance Policy
    • Star Student Travel Protect Insurance Policy

    5. Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

    • Individual Travel Insurance
    • Travel Asia
    • Student Travel Insurance
    • Family Travel Insurance
    • Corporate Travel Insurance
    • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

    6. Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

    • Individual and Family Travel Insurance
    • Student Travel Insurance

    7. Cholamandalam Travel Insurance

    • Domestic Travel Insurance Policy
    • Chola Overseas Travel Protection Policy
    • Chola Student Travel Protection Plan
    • Senior Citizen Plan
    • Chola Corporate Travel Days

    8. Future Generali Travel Insurance

    • Overseas Travel Insurance
    • Student Travel Insurance
    • Schengen / Worldwide travel insurance

    9. ICICI Travel Insurance

    • International Travel Insurance
    • Travel Insurance – Gold Multi-Trip
    • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

    10. IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance

    • Overseas Travel Insurance
    • Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Policy

    11. Oriental Travel Insurance

    • Overseas travel - Multi-trip plans / Asia Travel / Senior Citizen plans
    • Student Travel Plans

    12. Reliance Travel Insurance

    • Asia Travel Insurance
    • Schengen Travel Insurance
    • Student Travel Insurance
    • Overseas Travel Insurance
    • Senior Travel Insurance

    13. New India Assurance Travel Insurance

    • Suhana Safar Policy
    • Overseas Mediclaim Policy - For frequent travellers

    14. National Travel Insurance

    • Travel Insurance for senior citizens (age group - 70+)
    • Travel to Schengen Countries
    • Asia Travel
    • Multi-trip Insurance
    • Domestic Travel Insurance
    • Inbound Insurance
    • Titanium plan - $1 million travel plan
    • Australia Travel Insurance

    15. Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

    • Schengen Travel Insurance
    • Overseas Travel Insurance

    16. SBI Travel Insurance

    • International Travel Insurance

    17. United India Travel Insurance

    • Baggage Insurance Policy
    • Suhana Safar Policy
    • Marga Bhandu Policy

    18. TATA AIG Travel Insurance

    • Travel Guard
    • Domestic Travel Guard Policy
    • Asia Travel Guard Policy
    • Student Guard - Overseas Health Insurance Plan

    19. Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

    • Individual Overseas Travel Plan
    • Student travel Plan
    • Travel Asia
  • Q. What is a travel insurance policy and how does it work?

    Ans. Travelers looking for travel insurance plans often buy a full travel insurance policy. The complete travel insurance plan can cover a number of aspects and will include several areas for cancellation and interruption of the trip, some baggage losses, and medical emergencies.

    Q. Is it worthwhile to take out travel insurance policy?

    Ans. And since you are in the United States, your health insurance policy must cover it in all emergency situations. If you take out travel insurance policy, you will be covered for lost baggage and late travel, but this coverage alone may not be worth it.

    Q. When should you take out travel insurance policy?

    Ans. In many travel insurance policies, it is necessary to purchase the travel insurance plan within a certain number of days (usually 10 to 14) after the first trip if the insurance coverage is valid. In fact, buying travel insurance policy is essential as soon as possible to avoid some general "loopholes".

    Q. What is included in the travel insurance policy?

    Ans. Travel insurance policy is an insurance package and travel assistance services that provide you and your family with complete protection before and during the trip. Very few national travel insurance plans include supervised emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains or reunification of emergencies.

    Q. What types of travel insurance are there?

    Ans. The two basic types of travel insurance policies are:

    1.Vacation plans offer the most coverage (including cancellation) when people think of travel insurance, they are thinking of a vacation plan.

    2.Medical travel plans- Health insurance when traveling abroad.

    Q. What should travel insurance policy include?

    Ans. In general, most travel insurance covers: Property: If items such as luggage, important documents or money are lost or stolen up to a certain amount, some provisions can help replace them.

    Q. How can I apply for travel insurance?

    Ans. Contact your insurer as soon as possible and ask them to send you an application form. You may be able to send an email to speed things up. Fill out the application form carefully and keep a copy for yourself. Copies of all documents must be sent to support the application, including receipts or medical certificates.

    Q. How much should you pay for travel insurance?

    Ans. In general, you should expect a travel insurance plan to cost between 4% and 10% of total prepaid and non-refundable travel expenses. For example, if you purchased a trip for a total cost of $ 5,000, your travel insurance policies could be between $ 250 and $ 500, depending on the variables.

    Q. Do I need travel insurance policy?

    Ans. Travel insurance policy includes some important benefits that health insurance does not offer. Travel insurance policy also includes cancellation insurance and cancellation protection to reimburse non-refundable travel expenses if you must cancel your trip due to an insured illness, accident or other insured reason.

    Q. How does annual travel insurance policy work?

    Ans. Most annual travel insurance policies have a travel limit, usually 70 to 90 days. The main difference between annual travel insurance and other travel insurance plans is that there is minimal or no cancellation insurance, which also helps maintain the cost of travel insurance policy. Annual at a low level.

    Q. What is the duration of the annual travel insurance?

    Ans. Annual travel insurance contracts. The annual travel insurance policy is designed to provide emergency medical coverage and medical evacuation for multiple trips during the year. These guidelines are valid for one year from the start date. This should be the departure date of your first trip.

    Q. Does travel insurance cover lost flights?

    Ans. There is no clear answer to lost flights for which travel insurance policy exists. However, if you miss your flight for assured reasons, you can get straight to the point. However, if you miss a connecting flight due to delays caused by the airline, you are not insured.

    Q. How much health insurance do I need for travel insurance policy?

    Ans. To make sure you get the coverage you need, your contract must include £ 1 million to cover medical expenses in Europe £ 2 million health insurance for areas outside Europe.

    Q. What is annual cancellation insurance?

    Ans. Wherever you go, buy a travel insurance policy. By taking out an annual trip cancellation insurance for multiple trips, you can travel worry-free and hassle-free if you want to be protected on every trip. Our annual trip cancellation insurance is suitable for families: children under 18 are insured with family insurance when they travel.

    Q. What is cancellation insurance?

    Ans. The cancellation insurance covers you for a certain period. Depending on the level of insurance chosen, various consequences may be covered, including unforeseen medical expenses, cancellation fees and loss of luggage.

    Q. What does franchise mean in travel insurance policy?

    Ans. A deductible is the agreed amount that you pay for a travel insurance policy claim and that you can call "franchise". Once the deductible is paid, the travel insurance policy covers the remaining costs up to the limit of the insurance.

    Q. Can I extend my travel insurance policy?

    Ans. Many travel insurance policies allow you to extend your coverage abroad, provided you meet the requirements. The travel insurance policy coverage cannot be extended immediately and will not be extended if the insurer sends a new confirmation of insurance.

    Q. Is there a time limit for cancellation insurance?

    Ans. Most travel insurance companies feel that sometimes a trip means that a claim cannot be made immediately. However, they tend to set a deadline for the time you have to spend (usually 60 days), as this can be difficult. Obtain the required documents and confirm the information in support of your application.

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