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Two wheeler insurance plan: There has been a critical ascent in various accidents in the previous two years. The street conditions, movement and the desperation to achieve the goal, makes it hard to appreciate the ride. Given that two-wheelers or bike are the most helpful method of transport today, it is similarly hazardous to drive a two-wheeler in the present moment conditions. Since the presentation to accidents, incidents, burglary, and so forth are higher, owning a two wheeler insurance is the most ideal approach to handle these circumstances. Two wheeler insurance or bike insurance is an ascension between the client and the insurance company wherein the client consents to pay a specific premium sum for the policy and consequently, the insurance company offers to give administrations and offices to the same.

Having a functioning two wheeler insurance or bike insurance policy, consistently, is compulsory for vehicle proprietors in India. Any approved insurance company that is enlisted under the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has the specialist to issue a two wheeler insurance policy. Vehicle merchants can likewise offer motor insurance policies. These two-wheeler insurance policies go under the Non-Life or General Insurance part. Two wheeler insurance policies must be acquired for business vehicles, private vehicles, and blended vehicle writes.

Bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, and scooters can be guaranteed with a two-wheeler policy. Without an insurance cover, the budgetary ramifications of an accident can make a critical mark your well deserved investment funds. Subsequently, it is basic that you buy a two wheeler insurance policy and restore it toward the finish of the policy residency. Two wheeler insurance designs accompany a scope of advantages, for example, scope for third-party risk, individual accidents, vehicular harm, robbery and loss of the vehicle, and so on.

What is Bike Insurance?

Bike insurance or Two wheeler insurance is an essential between the policyholder (proprietor of the two-wheeler being guaranteed) and the safety net provider wherein the backup plan guarantees to give financial confirmation to the policyholder in return for a premium sum. Two-wheeler insurance gives money related confirmation to the proprietor of a motorcycle/bike from possessing harm or potentially third-party liabilities emerging because of a lamentable setback. Third-party liabilities incorporate liabilities towards damage of the third party, liabilities towards harms to a third-party vehicle or potentially liabilities towards third-party property harm. Possess harm liabilities to incorporate liabilities towards claim damage as well as liabilities towards claim vehicle harm. Incidents that reason such liabilities incorporate man-made cataclysms, regular catastrophes, robbery, and so forth.

Types of Two-wheeler insurance or Bike Insurance Plan

Comprehensive Insurance Policy :

Vehicle cover under comprehensive two wheeler plans incorporates the accompanying:

  • Damage to the vehicle because of flame
  • Damage to vehicle because of regular cataclysm or event
  • Damage to the vehicle because of demonstrations of uproars or frenzy
  • Damage to the vehicle because of psychological oppressor exercises
  • Burglary of vehicle or vehicle part
  • Damage to the bike while inside a carriage or lift

Also known as Package Policy, this spreads everything incorporated into a Liability Only Policy along with extra coverage for harm or robbery of the two-wheeler. This is a discretionary policy.This is a broad insurance coverage that offers money related assurance against third-party or potentially possess harm liabilities caused because of a tragic incident.

Third-party Liability Cover :

Third-party bike insurance is only a hazard cover. If there should arise an occurrence of a terrible occasion, your insurance company would pay you for any legitimate liabilities. Segment 146 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, makes third-party bike insurance required for any vehicles utilizing on the Indian streets.

Third party liability two-wheeler cover basically covers:

  • Third party death cover
  • Third party accident cover
  • Third party total/halfway/impermanent/lasting handicap cover
  • Third party property damage cover

Own Damage Policy :

This covers against losses/damages caused to a two-wheeler by virtue of:Regular disasters, for example, fire, surge, lightning, seismic tremors, etc. Burglary, robbery, revolt, strike, pernicious acts, psychological oppressor activity, Accident by outer means, Damage amid movement via air, rail, street, water.

Renewing bike insurance online is very simple and can be effortlessly done. These days, a few companies are likewise tying up with versatile installment sellers and offering a simpler method to make the installments and renew the plans. Moreover, a portion of the all the more mechanically propelled players have propelled their own particular applications for their clients. Individuals can without much of a stretch download these applications on their cell phones and check and renew their plans utilizing those committed applications. The insurance companies likewise offer old and confided in strategies for renewal at their workplaces.

Online Renewal:

You can go to the insurance company's website and take after the means set down for two wheeler insurance online renewal. Ensures every one of the information is right and all contact and other personal details are state-of-the-art. Keep the old policy with you while you renew so you can allude to it for any details, for example, old policy number et cetera.

Additionally, keep your debit cards or internet banking details helpful so you can outfit the data when required. Most companies offer a data affirmation screen for their clients after they have entered the information and before they have outfitted the premium installment details. Make great utilization of it and guarantee all details are right. Insurance companies by and large produce a computerized policy in the PDF design that does not require any individual's mark on affirmation of the premium installment. Spare this PDF record in a safe area as you may require it later. Take a print out and keep it with your two wheeler documents that you keep with you when you ride.

Branch office renewal :

Renewing your insurance policy at the branch office is an old mold way. The procedure is in reality extremely straightforward however you need to discover an opportunity to go to the branch. You have to know your policy and vehicle details and fill the same in the application form.

The branch for the most part hands over the new policy promptly on the off chance that you pay the premium with money, request draft or debit card. Check installments require time to clear and you get your policy later my mail at your address. An exceptional thing to note here, the option of new discretionary riders or extra covers may require a visit to the branch. This fluctuates starting with one insurance company then onto the next and it will be great in the event that you get this detail cleared up before you incorporate a more current discretionary cover.

For getting the insurance policy online, what can anyone do?

There is no arrangement or set of documentation required to get the insurance policy. You have to specify the insights about the past policy and the RC data at the season of purchasing the insurance policy, as these are checked for its renewal.

What is No Claim Bonus (NCB)?
It is a reward/bonus issued to the client as he has taken no claim amid the time of policy tenure.

Is NCB there on the lapsed policy?
This choice is accessible on the off chance that you renew the policy inside the time of 90 days from the date of expiry.

Online Bike insurance or Two wheeler insurance Renewal Process:

The procedure to renew to this insurance should be simple and close immediate. Most websites encourage online policy renewal or you can utilize our site to renew your policy on the off chance that it was initially bought from us. Purchasing online two wheeler insurance is a simple choice for everybody. Likewise, the companies that offer electronically marked plans are greatly improved, as you can essentially (renew when required) and print it from the site and keep your RC and other fundamental documents that should be conveyed when you are riding your two-wheeler.

Renewing bike insurance policy is a standout amongst the most essential advances you can take to take after the law and in addition keep it monetarily protected. On the off chance that your policy has lapsed or going to terminate, you can get it renewed either at your back up plan site or at The procedure for doing likewise is to a great degree simple and hassle-free. Give us a chance to look at different situations about renewing the policy to have a superior comprehension:

Prior to The Policy Expires :

Contact your safety net provider and examine the premium sum, documents required and mastermind an operator to meet and gather the information from you.

On the other hand, you can sign on to the backup plan site to check information that'll spare your chance, cash, and endeavors.

Outfit the details as required and can likewise choose any additional items you may favor with your renewed policy.

In the case of doing disconnected, compose a check for premium installment. In the case of getting it online, essentially swipe your credit/debit card or utilize net banking to make the installment in a flash and get the policy renewed quickly .

After Policy Expires

Indeed, even after the policy has lapsed, despite everything you have a little window, called elegance period, to get it renewed. This can fluctuate in the vicinity of 3 and 30 days after the expiry date and only one out of every odd backup plan offers this period. Likewise, certain safety net providers may offer free renewal amid this period and some may demand charges. Take after these means if your policy exists in elegance period:

  • Check the late charge, assuming any, and make that installment
  • Clear all past contribution and pending premiums

Pick the policy you need to purchase, select any extra advantages or additional items you need to add to your renewed policy.

Present the expected details to the safety net provider, make the installment either online or through an operator and the renewed policy will be conveyed to you .

Renewal Outside Grace Period :

On the off chance that you neglected to renew the policy inside the elegance time frame, your two wheeler insurance policy kicks the bucket. On the off chance that there is a critical loss of time after the expiry, you may not be qualified for a renewal with a similar backup plan. You may need to purchase another policy through and through.

Downsides Of Not Renewing Policy On Time:

  • Higher Premiums
  • Loss of Previous Benefits
  • Fines Levied
  • Crisp Inspection of The Vehicle
  • Loss of NCB (No Claim Bonus)
  • Part of Legal Trouble With Police And Authorities Driving Without Insurance
  • Tremendous Expenses In Case You Meet An Accident Without An Insurance Policy

Details To Be Furnished For two wheeler Insurance Policy Renewal:

  • Your Name (As on official documents)
  • Your Contact Number and E-mail id
  • Your Vehicle Registration Number And Copy of The RC
  • The Existing Insurance Policy Number

Liabilities Only Cover :

Bike owners can buy from liability just two wheeler plans being offered by top guarantors.

Comprehensive Cover :

Bike owners can likewise choose personal accident cover and bike cover alongside third party liability cover under a solitary two wheeler plan.

Extra Covers:

Bike owners can likewise incorporate the discretionary covers according to their necessity and make their insurance arrangement more comprehensive.

Nominal Premium:

It takes almost no to get a satisfactory bike insurance. Top insurance companies are putting forth two wheeler beginning from Rs. 2 premium for every day.

Short Tenure:

Most two wheeler arrangements are for maybe a couple years however some insurance companies are likewise offering two wheeler approaches for a long time.

Individual Cover:

Two wheeler plans can be for a solitary bike having a place with an individual.

Group Cover:

Group two wheeler cover can be profited for an arrangement of bikes by family, organization, corporate or any legal substance. Insurance companies may offer appealing discounts on group bike insurance, and per head,premium can cost lesser.

Fast Purchase and Renewal:

Two wheeler approaches can be bought online or disconnected with almost no documentation. You can get your bike protected in close to 30 minutes.

No Claim Bonus:

No claim rewards are appropriate for ensuing renewals. No claim reward is a level of the sum deducted from the premium sum for approach renewal and no claims being raised amid past arrangement tenures.

No Claim Bonus Transfer:

If two wheeler approach should be exchanged to another safety net provider then the appropriate no claims rewards can likewise be exchanged effectively.


Insurance companies are putting forth discounts on two wheeler arrangements. Discounts on premium can be given for long term policy of more than two years and one-time premium installment. Discounts may likewise be given for agencies for introduced security features on the bike and for a group two wheeler plan.

Client Support:

Top two wheeler companies are putting forth unsurpassed client support and assistance to clients. Policyholders who have endured injury or damage can call up the guarantor or Policy planner and get the required help right away

Auto Renewal:

Two wheeler plans can have auto-renewal alternatives under which the strategy gets consequently renewed toward the finish of the arrangement tenure. This element is advantageous for the individuals who have a tendency to overlook renewal dates.

  • Step 1: Select New / Renew two-wheeler Insurance Type.
  • Step 2: Fill Basic Details about you & your bike, Get FREE Instant Quote.
  • Step 3: Compare Low To High Premium Amount Plans Of India's Best Two-wheeler Insurance Companies.
  • Step 4: Compare Each Plan in detail. Policy Brochure are Available.
  • Step 5: Select Best two-wheeler insurance Policy & Buy.
  • Step 6: Fill Basic Details , And Get your Policy Number.
  • Step 7: Make Payment Online (Net banking, Debit card, Creadit card Are accepted)
  • Step 8: Bingo Your Policy is Genarated.
  • Step 9: Get soft-copy on your E-mail within 2 min & hard-copy within in 5 days at your home address.

Documents needed to apply for two wheeler insurance

two wheeler insurance
You need to provide below mentations documents to apply for an two wheeler insurance
1.ID proof

2. Address Proof

3.Proof of income

4. Age proof

5. Medical certificate

  • The premium for two wheeler insurance policy is effectively moderate by everybody and the scope limit and aggregate guaranteed is higher.
  • In the event that the guaranteed vehicle or you has been in any setback or accident, the insurance company will deal with the monetary and legitimate costs emerging out of it.
  • You can profit numerous different advantages like roadside help, cashless claim office through the backup plan network if the vehicle has a mechanical issue, cover for burglary and theft, and so on.
  • It will enable you to ride strain free as you will have the money related security for a longer period. It will likewise spare you from spending on repairs and different costs from your own pocket.
  • There are two kinds of alternatives you can browse, yearly bike insurance policy and long-term bike insurance policy in both third-party and comprehensive policy.
  • On the off chance that you overlook recharging date of the policy and don't have sufficient energy to reestablish it consistently, at that point you can decide for long-term two-wheeler policy as you should restore it just once in three years.
  • On the off chance that you don't have an insurance, at that point you will be fined for the same from the police if there should be an occurrence of arbitrary minding the street.
  • The danger of driving on Indian streets are higher, so owning an bike insurance ought to be your first need when you purchase another two-wheeler.

  • Importance Of Two-wheeler Insurance

    Obligatory by law :
    Purchasing third-party obligation insurance for two-wheelers is obligatory in India by law.

    Money related security :
    Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance offers finish assurance against money related liabilities and legitimate punishments that may emerge if a two-wheeler gets associated with accidents.

    Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance will offer you cover against:
    Third party obligation (property harm, substantial damage, demise) emerging by virtue of an accident with your two wheeler Repair costs if your two-wheeler gets harmed in an accident left .

    Cashless facility :
    A few insurance companies have a network of cashless carports where a harmed two-wheeler can be repaired free of cost. Be that as it may, on the off chance that an accident happens, you should imply the insurance company at the most punctual conceivable time inside 24 hours. The cashless carport network list is accessible with the insurance company and can be gotten to on the company's entrance also.

    Medical costs :
    If there should be an occurrence of an accident, in the event that you support genuine wounds requiring quick medicinal consideration, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance will cover your medical costs.

    Extra covers :
    A few extra covers with shifting advantages are accessible with two-wheeler insurance, to offer improved security to your two-wheeler.
    These spreads are:

    • Zero Depreciation cover
    • Medical cover individual
    • Accident cover for rider and pillion
    • NCB (No Claim Bonus) Retention cover
    • Accessories cover

    NCB (No Claim Bonus) advantage :
    As said over, each sans claim policy year qualifies the policyholder for a No Claim Bonus (NCB).

IRDAI-endorsed insurers :
It is imperative to pick an IRDAI-endorsed insurer and check the insurer's claim settlement proportion and client benefit records.

Insurance composes :
You may pick a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy or a third party bike insurance cover. It is fitting to purchase a comprehensive two wheeler insurance since it offers finish assurance for Own Damage and in addition third party.

Sum insured :
Settling on the correct Sum Insured guarantees that you are completely secured against all misfortunes or harms as appropriate under the policy.

A decision of additional items :
While buying online two-wheeler insurance, evaluate the advantages of each extra cover and choose the ones you truly need and which will offer improved security for you and your two-wheeler.

Willful deductible :
This is the sum the policyholder willfully consents to pay in case of a claim towards his/her two-wheeler. It is ascertained as a particular level of the aggregate claim sum, thus deductibles must be picked astutely after a watchful assessment of both the sides of the deductibles. Willful deductibles bring down the premium to a specific degree.

Online Comparisons :
compare bike insurance policies online offered by various insurers and pick the one most appropriate to your particular prerequisites, spending plan, and so forth.

Online Buy :
Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy online encourages simple comparisons, includes less printed material, makes the general procedure easier, and furthermore works out less expensive as rebates are regularly offered on the premiums, consequently bringing down the general insurance cost. These low expenses are chiefly because of the end of intermediaries and payable commissions.

Fine print :
Continuously experience the policy terms and conditions, advantages, considerations and rejections in detail. Ensure that you reestablish your two-wheeler insurance policy on time without breaks. Breaks in policy restoration regularly require another assessment by the insurance company. As of late, some two wheeler insurance companies have begun offering online recharging of two-wheeler insurance, wherein no review is required.

Reason To Rejections/ Exclusions of Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Top Insurance Companies have built up an idiot proof and systematic claim process and classified application design requiring accommodation of supporting reports. The claim procedure is with the end goal that to rapidly recognize valid and non-real claims. Non-legitimate claims will be claims for those misfortunes or wounds that can't be inferable from normal outside conditions. On the off chance that a claim is demonstrated as non-true, at that point such claims are not respected by the back up plan organization. Frequencies of such non-bona fide and void claims may include:

  • Driving under the impact of inebriating substances
  • Nonchalance of activity rules
  • Driving a vehicle of the poor condition
  • Mishap because of inclusion in high-chance driving
  • Mishap because of inclusion in crazy driving
  • Mishap because of nonchalance of terms and states of the strategy
  • Mishap due to over carriage of the vehicle
  • A mishap while driving in uncovered territories (like uncovered precipitous territory)
  • Mishap outside the geological coverage territory
  • Injury because of demonstrations of self-curse or endeavored suicide
  • Cooperation in enterprise games and exercises
  • Claim for the harmed driver not having a substantial permit
  • Damage and injury because of atomic substances
  • Ordinary wear and tear damages
  • Damage in war or insurrection
  • Claim for injury or misfortune brought about because of before damages
  • Injury or damage due to the mechanical or electrical breakdown of bike

Motorcycles, mopeds and a wide range of two wheelers are moderately critical methods of transport, particularly in metropolitan urban areas where an expanding number of individuals are obtaining two wheelers to maintain a strategic distance from car influxes and blocked streets. Not exclusively complete two wheelers enable you to spare time and achieve your goal sooner than elective methods of transport, yet they are additionally extensively economical in examination with autos. The upkeep costs are additionally generally low, making them simple to manage the cost of and keep up.

When acquiring a motorcycle it is additionally essential to buy motorbike insurance to guarantee that your vehicle is covered in the event of accidents. Careful information of your two wheeler insurance policy and every one of its considerations and rejections must be procured before buying the same. Here, we will talk about a portion of the things that may not be covered by your two wheeler insurance.

  • Speeding: Adrenaline surge is as regular among riders as brakes, well at any rate to a significant degree. Two wheeler insurance does not cover damage or misfortune endured because of speeding.
  • Riding another person's bike: Damage or loss of vehicles when another person is riding your bike won't be covered by two wheeler insurance . In the event that the owner of the vehicle meets with an accident, the insurance company will cover the cost of repairs, however not if the bike was loaned to another person.
  • Value lessening:Two wheeler insurance does not foresee value decrease because of wear and tear, repair, use or adjusting.
  • Loss of keys: If you lose the keys to your two wheeler or overlook them on the two wheeler, and, thus, the two wheeler is stolen, the insurance company won't be obligated to think about the misfortune.
  • Substantial permit: Two wheeler insurance won't cover any damage or misfortune emerging out of accidents caused when the rider is a minor, or in the event that he/she doesn't have a legitimate driving permit.
  • Accidents caused by unapproved riders won't be covered. When acquiring the insurance policy, you should express the names of each individual who may perhaps ride the two wheeler. Any damage or misfortune emerging when the two wheeler is utilized by an unapproved rider won't be covered by the insurance.
  • Electrical or mechanical disappointments won't be covered by two wheeler insurance.
  • Damage or misfortune to a two wheeler while riding outside India won't be covered by two wheeler insurance.
  • Two wheeler insurance does not cover vehicles that have been damaged or lost when the rider was affected by medications or liquor.
  • Two wheeler insurance does not give coverage to damage or misfortune emerging out of atomic or radioactive-related exercises.
  • Damage or misfortune or injury to the rider caused by artificial issues, for example, fear mongering, uproars or wars, and common disasters, for example, tidal waves or seismic tremors won't be covered by two wheeler insurance.
  • Wounds to the rider or damage or loss of bike caused when the rider was not wearing a cap won't be covered by two wheeler insurance.

Realizing what falls under your safety net provider prohibition criteria is similarly as imperative as knowing the consideration criteria, as it will help limit the odds of your claim getting rejected later on due to non-insurability. The avoidance criteria shift from safety net provider to back up plan and plan to plan. Consequently, guarantee you experience your policy archive precisely to make a note of your plan-particular prohibition criteria.

Rejection/Exclusion Criteria for Third-Party Liability-Only Insurance Policies:

  • Own-vehicle damage
  • Liability emerging out of an accident that happened outside the land territory said in the policy
  • Consequential loss
  • Burglary or loss of vehicle
  • Damage to own vehicle because of man-made or normal disasters
  • Damage because of atomic sullying
  • General wear-and-tear of vehicle and vehicle parts
  • Expired policy

Rejection/Exclusion Criteria for Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policies:

  • Wear-and-tear caused because of time
  • Damage or accident caused by a rider riding without a substantial permit
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Electrical disappointment or breakdown
  • Accident/damage caused by an individual riding affected by liquor or different medications
  • Deterioration of value
  • Weighty misfortune
  • A claim emerging out of a legally binding liability
  • Accidents or damage to vehicle happening while at the same time doing a criminal action
  • Damage to the vehicle because of war, uprisings, and atomic risks
  • Damage happening outside the recommended geological areas
  • Damage to tubes and tires, except if the said damage has happened because of an accident
  • Utilizing a private vehicle for business uses, and the other way around
  • Lapsed or expired policy

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